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PUBG Mobile Esports Tournament Schedule Revealed

The PUBG Mobile Esports pro tier calendar has been revealed. Get the full schedule for PUBG Mobile tournaments in 2024

The 2024 schedule for the professional PUBG Mobile scene has been unveiled over the weekend, including the PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring, PUBG Mobile World Invitational, and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

The PUBG MOBILE Esports Calendar

The PUBG Mobile esports season will start with PMPL Spring. There are multiple divisions sorted by region, starting with Southeast Asia in February. This will be followed by the Americas, ME&A, and South Asia in March, and then Europe, which doesn’t have any dates announced just yet.

The next stage of the esports season is the PMWI, which starts in July of 2024 and is set to be held in Riyadh. This is followed by a brand new event, the PUBG Mobile Global Open.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship is the final part of the season, with all of the top teams of the season duking it out for the title. This will take place in November.

PMPL Full Schedule

This is the first start of the PUBG Mobile esports circuit, with each region’s top teams competing in their own separate tournament. Here is the full schedule for the PUBG Mobile Pro League:

  • Southeast Asia: February
  • North America: March - April
  • Brazil and Latin America: March - May
  • Africa: March - April
  • Arabia: May - June
  • Turky and Europe: To be announced

The PMPL has expanded this year thanks to the introduction of an SEA Wild Card. This covers teams in the regions of the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Singapore.

To make all of the competing regions even more competitive, there will now be a 10-point system. The top two teams from the SEA region as well as the top team from South Asia, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and the Americas will qualify for the PMWI.

PUBG Mobile Global Open

This new part of the 2024 season was revealed before the Grand Finals this weekend. This event will take place in Brazil throughout March and April, with $500K on the line.

The teams that will compete in the Global Open are the host region qualifier, regional PMSL qualifiers, and PMSL partner teams. This creates an “even bigger platform for players to put on world-class performances,” according to James Yang, Senior Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports.

PMGC Full Schedule

The PMGC League is how the PUBG Mobile esports circuit will conclude. Running from November to December, it will lead up to the Grand Finals.

The PMGC will have 48 teams:

  • 11 from Southeast Asia
  • 6 from South Asia
  • 6 from Middle East & Africa
  • 7 from Europe
  • 7 from the Americas

The rest of the slot allocation and tournament format for the PMWI and PMGC will be announced soon.

PUBG Mobile esports schedule 2024

“Following an excellent start to 2023 with the conclusion of the 2022 PMGC, we’re pleased to share the full schedule of our amazing line-up of pro-tier competitions for this year,” said James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports. “From the PMPL which is due to commence later this month, to the PMGC Grand Finals in December, our competitive ecosystem has never been stronger and we can’t wait to see the reaction from our fans.”

PUBG Mobile Tier 2 and 3

For hopeful teams that want to reach the PUBG Mobile season events mentioned above, they can participate in Tier 2 and Tier 3 tournaments.

The PUBG Mobile Super League will be expanding into four regions for 2024. Before it was just Southeast Asia but it’s now a global system for regional pros. The PMSL will replace PMPL in all regions, with offline events planned for each league. Southeast Asia will have three seasons of PMSL for 2024, while EMEA, the Americas, and Central & South Asia will have two each.

The third tier will have PMSL regional qualifiers, “connecting amateur and semi-professional prospects with professional players, bringing them the chance to progress and qualify forward.”