Rocket League Joins the FIFAe World Cup

Rocket League esports fans are excited to see their country represented at the FIFAe World Cup.

FIFA has announced that Rocket League will be heavily featured in the first-ever FIFAe World Cup.

FIFA has partnered with Rocket League to include the fun soccer-inspired game in its national competition. Sixteen nations from around the world have been invited, with each nation offering their top three players and one substitute. Each nation has the opportunity to host a qualification tournament to determine these participants and represent their nation on the international stage.

An official press release explained that including Rocket League will invite a broader community and embraces esports beyond the more traditional soccer simulator.

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Christian Volk, Director of eFootball and Gaming at FIFA, stated: "The FIFAe World Cup featuring Rocket League marks a new era for FIFAe, providing a groundbreaking platform for FIFA’s member associations to compete on one of the most relevant esports titles. This milestone partnership highlights our commitment to evolve our football esports ecosystem and continue to build the biggest stages for all communities to fame their game.”

The announcement has Rocket League fans feeling a bit validated, since it's been a long-standing argument that Rocket League isn't actually soccer. While the inclusion in the FIFAe World Cup doesn't necesarily mean that Rocket League is a soccer game, it apperas that it's being recognized for it being quite similar in many ways.

Fans are pumped to watch Rocket League in yet another intense tournament. The FIFAe World Cup is most likely going to be a very organized and prominent tournament that will allow a broader audience to see the Rocket League competitive scene and celebrate its players and fans. Many have already taken to X to applaud the exciting news and root for their favorite country.

You can register for the FIFAe World Cup here. More tourney details will be released soon.

Olivia Richman


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