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Steam Winter Sale Guide — Best Games

Want to know what to spend your Christmas Steam gift card on? We break down the best deals in the Steam Winter Sale

Steam has a lot of holiday sales going on. You’re bound to find a perfect game for whatever you’re hoping to play over the break, whether it’s grinding a shooter with friends or enjoying a cozy farming sim while cuddled on the couch.

Looking for some of the best Steam Winter Sale deals? Here are some standouts we found.

FPS Games

Titanfall 2 - 85% Off - $4.49

Whether you like pilot gameplay or fast-paced shooters, this is the classic FPS title for you. Many multiplayer modes feature intense strategy, exciting mobility, and rewarding gunplay. Join the Titanfall 2 community for under $5.

Battlefield 1 (Revolution) - 90% Off - $3.99

This game from the iconic shooter series is often considered one of the best thanks to its historical accuracy, detailed maps, and gritty vibe. The WWI setting is unique compared to other modern shooters and provides an added layer of immersive excitement.

Horror Games

Head snap in sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest - 20% Off - $23.99

This survival game has been incredibly popular due to its dark story, eerie atmosphere, and building elements.

Dead By Daylight - 65% Off - $6.99

If you’re looking for a fun game with friends, Dead By Daylight will have you working together to outsmart a horror movie icon. There’s a lot of tension, jump scares, and hilarious communication so bring this to a LAN.

DayZ - 50% Off - $22.49

This multiplayer online survival game with a post-apocalyptic theme. The reviews are 50/50 so play at your own risk.

Left 4 Dead 2 - 90% Off - 99 Cents

For under $1, why the hell not? This highly-rated game has remained a favorite for fans of survival and zombie horror thanks to its immersive story, bloody zombie violence, weapon variety, and cooperative gameplay.

Remnant 2 - 40% Off - $29.99

Whether you want to play alone or with friends, Remnant 2 provides tough boss encounters in a dark world. Many have called it Dark Souls-level of difficulty so be prepared.

RPG Games

Horizon Zero Dawn (Complete Edition) - 75% Off - $12.49

Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay

This is one of the best RPGs for fans of vibrant worlds full of unique creatures and curious societies. The story will leave you emotional and the gameplay is complex and intense. Can’t go wrong with mechanical dinosaurs and a kickass protagonist.

The Witcher III Wild Hunt (Complete Edition) - 75% Off - $12.49

This classic fantasy game continues to leave gamers captivated thanks to its magnetic main character, expansive world, and detailed encounters. You can play this endlessly so it’s worth the price.

Baldur’s Gate II (Enhanced Edition) - 67% Off - $6.59

If you have found yourself on your fifth Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign, maybe try out the previous Baldur’s Gate for some new characters and storylines.

Disco Elysium (The Final Cut) - 75% Off - $9.99

Equally funny and witty and sinister, this noir-style game is a riveting mystery that will leave you on edge. The unique art style is worth it alone.

Cozy Games

Everdream Valley

Timberborn - 20% Off - $19.99

This game is a blend of survival mechanics and city building, except you control a colony of beavers. With a focus on dams, this calming yet strategic game has you working against the environment to protect your community.

Carto - 70% - $5.99

With wholesome storytelling full of enjoyable dialogue and slightly challenging puzzles, Carto is about 10 hours of calming, cozy gameplay. It features a 2D rotating map and cute characters you have to move around.

Everdream Valley - 50% - $12.49

With bubbly and cute graphics, Everdream Valley is a wholesome farming sim that lets you work on a farm, take care of animals, and harvest to your heart’s content. While there are some bug-related issues, this is still an adorable game for the price.