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Madden NFL 24 Predicts a Chiefs Win at Super Bowl LVIII

EA SPORTS has chimed in on Super Bowl LVII's outcome and has prepared special surprises for players during the upcoming week. Here's everything you can expect as we approach 2024's much-anticipated Super Bowl Sunday.

As Madden NFL players excitedly wait to watch their favorite football pros on February 11th, EA SPORTS has released an official press statement containing all of their juicy predictions for Super Bowl Sunday. The company is also planning plenty of exciting events and game-related activities to celebrate the season. 

Whether you're a fan of the Chiefs or the 49ers (or just rooting for a star player like Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Nick Bosa, Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey), EA SPORTS has something planned for everyone. Let's touch down on the key points from EA SPORTS' official Madden NFL 24 statements.

What has EA Sports predicted about Super Bowl LVIII? 

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EA SPORTS released an official prediction favoring a Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII win. The company also predicts Patrick Mahomes will secure the MVP distinction, making him the third player ever to win back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs. EA SPORTS' official prediction places the final score at 30-28 with the Kansas City Chiefs barely pulling past the 49ers. The prediction is safe and relatively consistent with public consensus, but the two-point gap between the teams' final scores is slightly unusual.

Madden NFL 24 invites fans to respond on social media to the Super Bowl outcome and their prediction with the hashtag #Madden24. 

What in-game Super Bowl activities does Madden NFL 24 have planned?

EA SPORTS is planning the following in-game events for Madden 24 players:

  • Thursday, February 8th: Madden NFL 24 will appear on the Play List so EA Play users can access it during Super Bowl week. EA SPORTS states that "Players can receive Super Bowl-themed content to kickstart their Madden Ultimate Team and can earn the Super Bowl MVP when he’s dropped in Ultimate Team as the program’s first 99 OVR player of the year next week."
  • Wednesday, February 7: An Ultimate Team (TM) program for Black History Month will feature stars including Derrick Brooks, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Tyrann Mathieu, Jerome Bettis, and Muhsin Muhammad. The program will explore their influential journeys and aims to inspire fans. 
  • Friday, February 9 at 9:30 pm EST: The Ultimate Madden Bowl, presented by Lexus will take place on February 9th, two days before Super Bowl Sunday. The event will feature a face-off between Henry Leverette and Wesley Gittens, two of the strongest Madden NFL players in history, and will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch. The event's prize pool is $250,000. 
  • Friday, February 9: After the Madden Bowl, EA SPORTS Presents the Madden Bowl will kick off to "celebrate the brand’s unique position at the intersection of sports, culture and entertainment." The event will feature performances from Breeland, Big Boi, Killer Mike, and Green Day.
  • February 7-10: The Madden Cruiser will honor fans' beloved Coach Madden's legacy at the Super Bowl Experience presented by Toyota. The Cruiser will be located in the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center after attending several intense NFL games across the country. 

To stay connected with EA SPORTS Madden NFL 24, fans can visit their website and social media pages on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok. Stay tuned as Super Bowl season progresses, and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!