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Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.3: No More Gold Openers

Important Loot changes and some much-needed Set 3.5 Revival changes highlight TFT Patch 14.3. We've got the patch summary here.

The 10th Teamfight Tactics expansion is heading down the home stretch as TFT Set 11 is already almost here. With just a couple patches to go in TFT Set 10, Remix Rumble, the balance team at Riot Games is making sure that players are still having fun, especially with some changes to the Set 3.5 Revival game mode but also keeping competitive integrity as the competitive season heats up. Here is an in-depth breakdown of the TFT 14.3 Patch Notes which are set to hit liver servers on Wednesday, February 7th. 

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System Changes

Loot distribution: Starting in TFT Patch 14.3, there will no longer be "gold openers" which is essentially when a player doesn't get any items in the initial PvE rounds. Instead, all players will get the same amount of items in each stage to reduce variance a tad bit. 

Champion changes

Some of the champions getting hit the most in TFT Patch 14.3 include some frontline champions that are doing a little too much damage for how tanky and sustainable they are like Mordekaiser and Sett. Karthus is also getting nerfed as well but it could be the comeback of Caitlyn and Twisted Fate as they are both getting mana buffs. 

Teamfight Tactics set 10 logo


  • Ability healing: 20/25/35% to 20/25/30% AP


  • Ability damage: 105/155/225% AP to 110/165/255% AP


  • Ability damage: 250/375/550% AP to 260/390/575% AP


  • Ability finale damage: 220/330/525% AP to 200/300/480% AP 
  • Ability damage: 220/330/525% AP to 200/300/480% AP


  • HP: 950 ⇒ 900
  • Ability main target damage: 275/420/680% AP to 250/375/600% AP
  • Ability cone damage: 130/210/340% AP to 120/180/290% AP


  • max Mana buff: 0/90 to 0/75


  • Ability damage: 175/260/580% AP to 160/240/540% AP
  • Ability power per cast: 30% to 40%

Twisted Fate

  • Mana buff: 30/120 to 30/105


  • Armor/MR: 30 to 40
  • Health: 850 to 950


  • Kinetic Form (Green) ability healing: 5/8/100% HP to 6/9/100% HP
  • Kinetic Form (Green) shield duration: 2/2/30 seconds to 2.5/2.5/30 seconds

Trait changes

Not many changes to traits in Patch 14.3 outside of some Heartsteel changes which are bringing down the rewards in the late stages which have been abused as of late. Also, Punk is getting touched a bit along with Executioner as they were the big bads of the last patch. 

  • Heartsteel Stage 5 & 6 Hearts per kill: 2 to 1
  • Heartsteel Heart Multiplier: 1/2.25/5.5/10x to 1/2.25/5.5/18x
  • Punk Attack Damage: 18/30/45% to 18/30/42%
  • Punk Health: 180/300/450 to 180/300/420
  • Executioner Critical Strike Chance: Up to 25/100/200% to Up to 25/80/160%

Augment changes

The only real augment changes coming to Patch 14.3 is to Twin Terror. While not as broken as it was a couple of patches ago, Twin Terror is still wreaking havoc on lobbies so its being touched once again to keep the augment in check

  • Twin Terror I: Health: 350 to 300
  • [*] Twin Terror I: Attack Speed: 35% to 30%
  • [*] Twin Terror II: Health: 500 to; 450
  • [*] Twin Terror II: Attack Speed: 50% to45%
  • Switching Gears Gold per swap: 2 to 3

Set 3.5 Revival Trait Changes

While there is only one more patch for the Set 3.5 Revival, Riot wanted to make the set go out with a bang but also make it go out with some balance. Cybernetic is getting some much-needed buffs while Dark Star is getting touched a tiny bit

  • Battlecast 8 Piece Heal or Damage Amount: 800 to 1000
  • Cybernetic Health: 250/550 to 300/650
  • Cybernetic Attack Damage: 20%/45% to 25/50%
  • Dark Star 8 Piece AD/AP: 50 to 45
  • Sorcerer Ability Power: 20/40/70 to 25/45/75

Set 3.5 Revival Champion Changes

A bulk of the Set 3.5 changes are coming in the form of some champion nerfs and buffs. Ezreal, Ashe and Xin Zhao are among the champions being hit the hardest while Lucian, Darius and Poppy are among the big winners. 

  • Leona Health: 650 to 700
  • Leona Mana: 50/100 to; 40/80
  • Poppy Health: 650 to 700
  • Poppy Ability Shield: 250/325/400 to 300/375/475
  • Lucian AD: 50 to 55
  • Lucian Second Shot AP Ratio: 175/260/415% AP to 200/300/450% AP
  • Xin Zhao Stun Duration: 1.5s to 1s
  • Ashe Stun Duration: 1.5/1.5/2s to 1/1/1.5s
  • Ashe Ability Damage: 250/375/625% AP to 225/335/560% AP
  • Darius Health: 700 to 750
  • Darius Ability Damage: 270/405/630 to290/435/675
  • Ezreal Ability Mana Reave: 30% to 20%
  • Ezreal Ability Damage: 225/330/575% AP to 200/300/450% AP
  • Master Yi Bonus True Damage: 65/100/160% AP to 50/75/125% AP
  • Jinx Attack Speed: 0.7 to 0.8