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Season 7 Rise of Darkness Brings Mythic Skin, Trials of Sanctuary, and Hero Rework

Just in time for Halloween, Overwatch 2’s Season 7 is set to be very spooky and full of costumes.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 is known as Rise of Darkness. Inspired by Blizzard’s other game, Diablo 4, Rise of Darkness is set to be one of the most skin-filled Halloween events in Overwatch history. Here is everything coming to Rise of Darkness.

Trials of Sanctuary

This Diablo-themed co-op game mode has you playing as either Demon Hunter Sombra, Barbarian Zarya, Night Raven Illari, Cleric Lifeweaver, Imperious Reinhardt, or Inarius Pharah as you fight similarly themed enemies, including Azmodan Wrecking Ball, Butcher Roadhog, and Lilith Moira. You will be able to power up your abilities by picking things up throughout the map as you move forward.

Halloween Terror Modes are also returning from October 10 to November 1. You will be able to play Junkenstein’s Revenge as well as Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride. Complete challenges in this game mode to earn Battle Pass XP, Overwatch Credits, and spooky cosmetics.

Halloween-Themed Skins

Season 17 has 17 new Halloween-themed skins. You’ll find ones for Ashe, Genji, Mercy, Soldier: 76, Ramattra, Lucio, Widowmaker, and more. Some of these can be found in the battle pass while others can be purchased on the in-game store.

Hanzo dragon mythic skin in Overwatch 2 Season 7

The battle pass’s Mythic skin is Onryo Hanzo. This glowing skin is inspired by spirits from Japanese folklore. You’ll unlock the skin in full when you reach Tier 80 on the Premium Battle Pass, the final level.

The standard version of this skin has Hanzo a glowing blend of dark and light blue. You can change it to red, orange, or white and green. You will also be able to customize the appearance of his weapon and clothing. There are also exclusive sound effects for his Sonic Arrow and other abilities.

New Map in Overwatch 2 Season 7

While Rise of Darkness is, well, dark, this map is strangely colorful and vibrant. Samoa is a Control map with three different points, all in a small, tropical village in Samoa.

Downtown has tall buildings and structures, leading to a point that’s lowered to create some dynamic gameplay. Beach is along the ocean and a bit more open. Finally, there’s Volcano, which includes a lava pit you do not want to be booped into.

Sombra Rework in Overwatch 2

There is no new hero in Overwatch 2 Season 7, but Sombra might as well be. The sneaky hacker has been given a lot of new abilities that make her more “active” and force players to commit with her.

Sombra rework abilities

Firstly, Sombra’s passive, Opportunist, is removed. Stealth is her passive instead. Sombra will automatically go invisible and move faster when she’s not dealing or taking damage. Translocator has been reworked, teleporting Sombra as soon as it lands. Her Stealth cooldown is reduced when she teleports.

Sombra also has a new ability, Virus. This is a projectile that does damage to enemies over time. Hacked enemies will be damaged at a much faster rate.

Roadhog will be reworked mid-season.