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A significant issue was found with Sigma two months ago. On Reddit, a player noticed that Sigma took more knockback from attacks than other heroes despite his passive claiming that he is resistant to knockback.

In the video, the player took to the Practice Range to show how far different heroes were knocked back from Doomfist’s fully loaded punch. Compared to every other tank hero, Sigma was shot back significantly further. The amount of knockback received was more similar to a squisher hero like Reaper.

Check out the video here

In response to the video, Overwatch 2 players called the bug significant and asked developers for a fix. Many argued that Sigma was getting pushed back further because he’s floating, but then demanded that Blizzard stick to this logic and don’t let Sigma get damaged by Junkrat’s trap or Torbjorn’s Molten Core ultimate.

The general consensus, however, was that the passive was misleading and not working as intended.

It’s been two months since the video went viral. Unfortunately, developers haven’t done anything about it that entire time — and players are growing frustrated.

Now, players are calling on Blizzard to remove the passive description until the issue is resolved. But it’s not just a matter of integrity and misleading text. This bug has a lot of possible setbacks in-game.

Check out the video here

The most obvious and glaring of all issues is that Sigma players can be easily knocked off the edge of a map by Lucio, Doomfist, and other heroes with knockback capabilities. This is very dangerous since teams only have one tank in the current meta, meaning Sigma is often the player standing between incoming damage and his squishy team. Being able to knock him all over the place — including off the map — is brutal.

The discussion over Sigma’s concerning bug left players frustrated with Blizzard’s lack of a response. Players noted that there are many other problems that are not being addressed fast enough, including Roadhog’s healing abilities being glitched if he is eliminated while ult’ing. Orisa’s ultimate is also broken — sometimes it won’t even fire off at all.

Despite all the ongoing frustration from players, developers haven’t discussed these issues at all. Blizzard is constantly adding new content to Overwatch 2, including Lifeweaver, a new battle pass, and map changes. This appears to be the team’s focus right now. But quality of life issues like Sigma’s concerning bug are just as important, argue players.