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Datamines Reveal New Battle Pass Reveals Stage Style Gardevoir

Brand New Pokémon Unite leaks are here again and so is a Gardevoir-themed Battle Pass… again.

Thanks to everyone’s favorite community Unite data miner ElChicoEevee we have a sneak peek at next season's cosmetics. So far this is what we have seen:

Fashionable Gardevoir
  • Season 21 Battle Pass
  • Ranked Season 17 + 18 rewards
  • A whole bunch of new Holowear

Season 21 Battle Pass

This upcoming season’s Battle Pass will focus on Gardevoir and Snorlax, bringing their “Stage Style” Holowear to the game. The holowear looks incredible which at this point should be expected from Battle Pass holowear in this game. However, this is the first time a Battle Pass has re-used a Pokémon to feature. Gardevoir last Holiday season had the spot of headlining the Battle Pass. 

This has created some frustration in the community, especially so because not a single Pokémon has received the treatment that Gardevoir has now had twice. Despite all that though it is hard not to love this new Holowear. You can see it here on ElChcioEevee’s Twitter.

Of course there is more that comes with the Battle Pass than Snorlax and Gardevoir Holowear. New Trainer outfits, backgrounds, and stickers are on their way!

Leaked trainer outfit season 21

Ranked Season Rewards

Stickers for ranked mode

Ranked season 17 is starting soon and we already have a look at what the season will have in terms of rewards. Here is a look at all the Trainer outfits and other Prizes that will come these next two seasons.

New Holowear For Sale

It's time for some new outfits! Here is all the holowear that was revealed in this most recent data mine. Starting with the standard quality.

  • Sweet style Comfey (Unite Membership)
  • Fashionable style Lapras (Unite Membership)
  • Fashionable style (Magenta) Absol
  • Martial arts style (Green) Garchomp
  • Tea Party style Alolan Ninetails
  • Porcelain style Slowbro

Now here is all the Blue Quality Holowear incoming:

  • New Year style Gyarados
  • Fashionable style (Dark Blue) Mew

Purple Quality Holowear:

  • Marine style Wigglytuff
  • Captain style Hoopa
New battlepass fashionable holowear

All of these new pieces of holowear are scheduled to release before the end of February.