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Rocket League Frosty Fest Guide — Challenges, Rewards, LTMs

The Rocket League Frosty Fest runs until Jan 3. Get everything you need to know to complete all challenges and unlock the rewards

Race into the holiday season with Rocket League’s Frosty Fest. This winter-themed event is bringing challenges, rewards, and limited-time modes. Here is what you can expect in this year’s Frosty Fest.

Frosty Fest Dates

Frosty Fest will be taking over Rocket League from now until January 3, 2024.

Frosty Fest Challenges and Rewards

There are 12 challenges in this year’s Frosty Fest, offering toppers, antennas, decals, and more. Every challenge has a unique reward.

Some of the rewards include Curling Stone Wheels and a Curling Stone Topper as well as the Oh No Snowman Topper. The Curling Stone Wheels has snowflake-like designs on the rims while the Oh No Snowman Topper is an upside-down snowman with a frown. Add the Mountaintop Octane Decal to go along with the snowman topper.

For completing the more difficult challenges, you’ll unlock a Golden Gift. This includes items from the Impact, Secret Santa, and Accelerator series. You can complete this tough challenge — Play 20 Online Matches — up to five times. You can earn up to five Golden Gifts.

Rocket League winter-themed car

Earn winter-themed rewards during Frosty Fest

Limited Time Modes Return

To celebrate the holidays, Rocket League is bringing back two limited-time modes for the duration of the Frosty Fest: Winter Breakaway and Speed Demon.

Winter Breakaway will last from December 13 to December 20. In this mode, the Soccar ball will be replaced with a hockey puck. Teams of three will compete on a snowy version of Throwback Stadium.

Speed Demon will be available from December 20 to December 27. This is a fast-paced version of Boomer Ball that has unlimited boost at “double the power.” There are also one-second respawns to counter all the damage.