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Just a few weeks ahead of the major Street Fighter 6 tournament at Evo 2023, Capcom has dropped a Battle Change List that includes the addition of Rashid and some balance updates to existing fighters.

Competitive Street Fighter players are a bit shocked at the announcement that only one balance update would happen a year. This means that the updates in the Battle Change List are allegedly set for the next year or so. Here are the changes made ahead of Evo.

Rashid Joins Street Fighter 6

Rashid is back with some new moves that have him looking like a top-tier contender. With the addition of Arabian Cyclone and Arabian Skyhigh, Rashid is a fast-paced and aggressive fighter that is looking to shake up the meta.

Rashid is now available as a playable character and his outfits have been added to the Goods Shop. He has two outfits and eight outfit colors.

Rashid’s story has been added to the Arcade Mode so you can learn more about his lore and see how he ended up in Street Fighter 6. He now wants to travel the world, seek out top fighters, and “vlog all the awesome fights.” So basically, Rashid is now a streamer.

How to Play as Rashid

There are multiple ways to unlock Rashid and try him out for yourself. The first is to purchase the Year 1 Character Pass or the Year 1 Ultimate Pass. This will guarantee that you get Rashid as well as all the other fighters in the DLC pack.

You can also purchase Rashid directly from the Goods Shop if you don’t want to shell out cash for the entire pass.

The final way to try out Rashid is to use a Rental Fighter ticket. You’ll be able to play him for one hour, allowing you to see if you like his playstyle before purchasing or not.

Battle Change List For 7.24

As we said previously, SF6 developers are only planning on one balance patch a year right now. This makes all of the updates in this Battle Change List all the more important. You may not see any big changes to these characters for a while.

One of the biggest changes in the Battle Change List revolve around Overdrive attacks for players using Modern Controls. Developers noticed that some Overdrive attacks could not be performed if buttons were manually inputted while players held down the Assist button. This included:

  • Ryu - Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku
  • Luke - Sand Blast, Rising Uppercut, Flash Knuckle, Aerial Flash Knuckle
  • JP - Torbalan
  • Dee Jay - Air Slasher, Jackknife Maximum
  • Lily - Condor Wind, Tomahawk Buster, Windclad Condor Dive

A lot of other updates were correcting other issues developers noticed, including some of Luke’s attacks having “unusual” hitstop variance when super armor was activated, Chun-Li’s charge times being “unintentionally different” between Modern and Classic Controls, and Cammy’s Cannon Strike not being possible to perform after a jump.

One character that had a lot of changes, however, was Blanka. A lot of his moves had issues that needed some adjusting, including the following:

  • Charging Attacks with Modern Controls - Charge time between Modern and Classic Controls needed to be adjusted, including many rolling attacks.
  • Back Throw - His Super Art gauge gain on Punish Counter was the same as the normal hit
  • Jumping Medium Punch - They noticed an issue where canceling mid-air special moves wouldn’t work if Drive Parried by an opponent
  • Aerial Rolling Attack - Developers fixed an issue where recovery was different if an opponent in Burnout blocked a heavy Aerial Rolling Attack
  • Rock Crusher - Updated the active frame attack hitbox from a high to mid, making it consistently a mid-level overhead attack unless the first attack hits or is blocked. Developers are looking to fix this in the next update
  • Crouching Heavy Punch - Noticed an issue where opponents became erratic when crouching heavy Punch is blocked

Check out the full Battle Change List here to see all of the adjustments to each fighter.