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How to Get Every Hidden Achievement in The Finals

The Finals is a fast-paced shooter focused on gunning down enemies and collecting cash. While it seems straightforward, some cheeky achievements may be a bit tougher to collect. Here is how to get every hidden achievement in The Finals.

The Finals has reported over 10 million players signing up since the game launched for real after The Game Awards. Gamers are really enjoying the vibrant and chaotic style of shooter action it offers. The gunplay is satisfying, the contestant cosmetics are super sleek, and the battle pass is stacked. If you want to go beyond just completing matches, here is how to get the hidden achievements you may not have found initially.

The Finals Hidden Achievements And How to Unlock Them

There are six hidden achievements in The Finals. Here are the hidden achievements and how to get them.

Hidden Achievements in The Finals
  • Artful Expressionist - Eliminate a player while emoting. The easiest way to do this is to throw a grenade and start emoting before it explodes.
  • Blast Caster - Place an Explosive Mine on a carriable item and then throw it at an enemy. Luckily pretty straightforward.
  • Space Rock Skipper - Bounce a meteor off a Jump Pad during a Meteor Shower event. This is a pretty specific thing. The first thing to do is pick a Medium contestant and then place a Jump Pad during the second half of the match.
  • Sky Bridge Saboteur - Destroy the skybridge in Seoul. This hidden achievement can only be done on one map, Seoul. The easiest way to do this is to plant your explosives on the red cylinders near the bridge. Detonate them and the bridge should collapse.
  • Showboaster - After killing an enemy player, emote. EZ.
  • Butter Fingers - Get killed by your own grenade. This is not an ideal thing to happen but at least you’ll get this hidden achievement. So there’s that.

How Many Achievements Does The Finals Have?

There are 50 achievements total in The Finals, including the six hidden ones mentioned above. Here are all 50 achievements you can unlock if you want to be a completionist in The Finals.