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VALORANT Leaks: What We Know About VALORANT Agent 25 So Far

VALORANT leakers gave the fans a Christmas gift with the possible first look at Agent 25.

On December 25, trusted leaker ValoraLeaks took to X to share a screenshot of what appears to be a teaser for Agent 25. The image is blurry and a bit confusing to decipher but a lot of VALORANT players are connecting the visuals to flying insects on top of a pastel, whimsical background. It may even be butterfly-related since the largest image looks to be a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon.

ValorLeaks explained that the leaked image is a player card that will be in Episode 8 Act 1’s battle pass. Riot has teased agents through battle pass items before, so this tracks with the game’s patterns so far. In Episode 7 Act 2, the Bulletproof player card in the battle pass was a glimpse at Iso before he was released in the following act. According to ValorLeaks, Agent 25 will be dropped in Episode 8 Act 2.

Who Is VALORANT Agent 25?

Right now, not much is known about this upcoming agent. ValorLeaks tweeted that there is a potential codename floating around however: Smokedancer.

Smokedancer will apparently be a Controller agent, which means they’ll have abilities that change the way opponents interact with the map, like Viper and Omen using smokes. This wouldn’t be all too surprising since there hasn’t been a new Controller agent in quite some time. Smokedancer may have abilities that shake up the current smokes meta, which would explain the name as well.

Valorant agent 25 leak

Aside from the name and butterfly imagery, nothing else has been revealed about Agent 25 from Riot or leakers. But VALORANT players are guessing that the agent will interact with smokes in a unique way, maybe teleporting between smokes or using them to their advantage. This would force enemy Controllers to rethink how they use smokes, making them not use this ability as freely.

When Is VALORANT Agent 25 Coming?

If the leaks are to be believed, Agent 25 is rumored to be coming out in Episode 8 Act 2. This will most likely be in March if the usual pattern continues. Episode 8 Act 1 is set to start on January 9, 2024, and will probably last two months, putting us in March when Agent 25 is dropped.