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  • What are the best VALORANT weapon loadouts?
  • What are all the weapons in VALORANT?
  • Best VALORANT weapon loadout for snipers?
  • Best VALORANT loadouts for riflers?
  • Best VALORANT weapon loadout for beginners?

VALORANT, Riot Games’ first-person shooter, has become one of the most popular games in the world since its official release in June 2020. With a vast variety of different agents, maps, and weapons to choose from, every player has an opportunity to tailor their play style to their specific needs.

That being said, if you want to elevate your game, you have probably asked yourself: what VALORANT loadout is best? Here is a list of the best VALORANT weapon loadouts that you need to start using in your next set of VALORANT games.

Best VALORANT Weapon Loadout for Snipers

VALORANT Operator Loadout weapon

The Operator is VALORANT's most expensive gun.

A sniper is a gun that allows VALORANT players to grab kills at long ranges and is a perfect option for those that are not fans of the run-and-gun style. Here are the best VALORANT loadout options for snipers.

Operator & Classic: 4700 Credits

At 4,700 credits, the Operator is the most expensive VALORANT weapon in the game. However, it is also the most powerful gun in the game at long ranges when used correctly. The Operator is a one-shot sniper that will allow you to quickly pick off enemy agents at long ranges when used correctly.

It is highly recommended that you pick up an Operator if you are playing Jett as her dash pairs incredibly well with the high-risk, high-reward style of the VALORANT gun.

That being said, this is a gun that should only be played if you have grown accustomed to guns like the Phantom and Vandal first. So if you are a VALORANT beginner, then it is recommended that you avoid the VALORANT Operator for now. However, it is one of the most satisfying VALORANT guns to use when you are fragging out.

Pair the Operator with a classic because it is way too expensive to get anything other than armor with the Operator.

Marshal & Sheriff: 1750 Credits

This pairing is great if you are the team’s Operator and you cannot afford the Operator’s steep price tag.

The Marshal is like a weaker version of the Operator, hence its much cheaper price point. However, it still makes for a great option at long ranges because a headshot is an instant kill. By pairing the Marshal with the Sheriff, the game’s greatest pistol for closer-range headshots, you have a great opportunity to catch opponents off guard. So if you are playing Jett and you need to do some damage on little credits, this is also a solid option.

Best VALORANT Weapon Loadouts for Riflers

VALORANT Phantom weapon

The Phantom is one of the most popular rifles in VALORANT.

VALORANT rifles are a great option for those that do not like the high-risk high-reward style of using the Operator. While these VALORANT weapons don’t have the same scoping capabilities as the Operator, they are much more versatile and a great choice for perfecting your aim in VALORANT.

Here are the recommended VALORANT weapon loadouts for riflers.

Phantom and Ghost: 3400 Credits

At 2900 credits, the Phantom is a great choice for VALORANT players at all competitive levels because of its strong precision at close to medium ranges on maps.

So if you see yourself as a more run-and-gun type of VALORANT player that likes to rush into site, the Phantom is a versatile choice. So if you are on the attack side playing a Duelist like Phoenix or Reyna, the Phantom is your type of gun. Additionally, the Phantom works great on maps like Split and Bind because of the map's close corridors.

However, this gun is not recommended if you feel that you need to hold long-range angles or one-tap headshots. If you are on a map like Ascent, another gun may be a better option.

That is why you pair the Phantom with a Ghost, the most versatile VALORANT pistol. The ghost works as a great and reliable secondary option when you need the extra firepower.

Vandal and Ghost: 3400 Credits

Hello VALORANT players, let me introduce you to the Vandal — the Phantom’s longer-ranged fellow rifle that can kill agents with one single bullet. The Vandal is the same price as the Phantom, but its pros and cons are a lot different.

The Vandal is the perfect VALORANT weapon if you are on maps like Ascent where you are holding longer angles, especially on the defender side.

That being said, while the Vandal may seem like the perfect VALORANT weapon, it too has pitfalls. The Vandal is not a great gun in close proximity and is very difficult to use when trying to kill multiple enemies in one spray. Still, it is on this list for a reason and is one of the best VALORANT weapon loadouts in the game.

That is why pairing a Vandal with a Ghost is super powerful. The Ghost is able to compensate for the Vandal’s pitfalls at closer ranges by providing more consistent aim at close ranges. At 500 credits, it is a perfect pistol.

Best VALORANT Loadout for Beginners

The best VALORANT weapon loadout for beginners is one that will allow you to still get kills while you continue to work your aim and crosshair placements in the game. So as you try to get used to using rifles like the Phantom and Vandal, the upcoming VALORANT loadout is perfect for beginners not trying to break the bank.

Spectre and Sheriff: 2400 Credits

The Spectre is the perfect gun for VALORANT beginners as it allows new players to still get kills as they learn where to aim their crosshairs. The Spectre is a fast-fire VALORANT weapon that is great at killing multiple enemies in one spray.

However, if you want to practice your aim, you can do so by pairing it with the Sheriff, the best pistol for headshot kills. Overall, this combo is a great option that you should always be able to purchase because of its cheaper price point. Once you feel comfortable with your aim, start moving away from this purchase, apart from moments when your team doesn’t want to save.

Which VALORANT Loadout Should You Choose?

At the end of the day, it's all about preference on what VALORANT weapons you end up choosing. If you feel like you have the most fun when you are a sniper, play Jett and have fun on the Operator.

However, if you are somebody that prefers to run around the map with a little bit less pressure, choose a rifle. Still, the only thing that matters is that you go into your VALORANT games having fun. So use this guide as a reference for your future VALORANT games, but don’t let it stop you from choosing what you feel most comfortable on.

Players are currently playing on the VALORANT Patch 6.08 update where everyone is getting their first set of games without Icebox in the map pool. Additionally, beginners looking to understand what agent they should try out should check out our guide on the best VALORANT agents for beginners.