Iso Nerfs Coming To VALORANT Soon

Iso has been terrorizing ranked play since Riot reworked him with the Abyss update. That reign may be a quick one with the nerfs coming in Valorant's next major patch.

Players had been complaining about Iso being completely worthless since the agent's release in October of 2023. Riot recently addressed the issue of Iso not being picked at all in VALORANT with the Abyss update and they turned him into an absolute monster. The duelist has been completely dominating ranked since the update went live with his extremely powerful Double Tap (E) ability.

Iso's reign of terror may be short lived, though.

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The Changes Being Made

In Valorant's upcoming 9.00 patch, Riot will be nerfing Iso by removing the ability for him to reset his Double Tap ability by getting 2 kills. In addition, they will be nerfing the duration of the Double Tap shield from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.

It will remain to be seen whether these changes are enough to bring his reign of terror to an end, but at least it's a potential step in the right direction towards balancing the duelist role. After Raze and Jett dominated for so long, they wanted to shake the meta up with Iso and Neon buffs and they most definitely did that.

Neon herself is extremely powerful right now, we'll see if she gets hit with as heavy of a nerf-hammer at some point.

Ben Fitzsimmons