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Prime Gaming Ends its Collaboration with Riot Games: When, Why and What to Expect

After seven years of collaboration between Prime Gaming and Riot Games, the end of an era fast approaches – let's find out why this change is happening and how it will affect current users.

Since September 2016, Prime Gaming has provided enthusiastic gamers with monthly loot and perks. On December 14th, 2023, Riot Games shocked users after announcing on Twitter that its collaboration with Prime Gaming would soon end. The company stated in the announcement tweet: “We know this is disappointing, and wanted to let you know as soon as we could.” Riot Players enrolled in Prime Gaming are understandably concerned about this change – let's examine the Prime Gaming cut, how it will affect Riot Games users, and when Prime Gaming will officially remove Riot Games support.

When will the Prime Gaming changes take effect?

Prime Gaming will officially drop Riot Games support as of March 2024. The last capsule drops will end at this time, and loot redemption will cease. Riot Games users have barely over three months left of Prime Gaming support and content. Players should make sure to claim all their loot capsules before the collaboration end date to avoid missing out on benefits!

How have Riot Games players received the news?

Players are generally upset about the changes, though anger seems to be directed towards Prime Gaming, Amazon and Twitch more than Riot Games. Many are voicing discontent on Twitter – user @NameeIsMatt replied to Riot Games’ original announcement tweet “Thanks for letting me know so I can cancel my Prime membership now”. Meanwhile, user @RemValorant writes, “wow this is a huge L out of Twitch”.

While the news is disheartening, users seem thankful that Riot Games took the initiative to reveal the collaboration's end sooner than later. With this advanced warning, players have time to redeem their loot and make necessary changes.

The Prime Gaming collaboration cut is likely connected to Amazon's massive recent game division layoff and cut of game-related services. An Amazon memo shared with Jay Peters of The Verge in November states, “We are also refocusing our efforts for Prime Gaming. We’ve listened to our customers and we know delivering free games every month is what they want most, so we are refining our Prime benefit to increase our focus there.” In addition to ending Prime Gaming drops, Amazon is ending its Game Growth efforts, cutting 180 gaming-related jobs and closing its Crown Twitch channel.

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How will the end of the Prime Gaming and Riot Games collaboration affect users?

Previously, Riot Games players could link their Riot Games account to their Amazon Prime Prime Gaming account. After completing the process, linked users could redeem limited capsule drops exclusively for Prime Gaming users. These drops usually contained in-game cosmetics such as banners, sprays, gun buddies, currency and other loot and their contents would change monthly.

After the Prime Gaming changes take effect, users will no longer be able to link their accounts or claim Prime Gaming drops in Riot Games titles such as VALORANT and League of Legends. In addition, Prime Gaming will no longer offer unique drops to these games. Players will still be able to claim Prime Gaming items until the drop date. Any previously unlocked Prime Gaming items will also remain in Riot Games players’ accounts.

The future of Amazon's gaming sector seems uncertain. However, Riot Games appears to be thriving: the 2023 League of Legends World Championship broke records as the most viewed esports event in history, and VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics also remain incredibly popular. Only time will tell how the two companies will fare in the ever-changing gaming world.