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  • What Crosshair Settings does Tarik use in VALORANT?
  • What are Sentinels streamer Tarik’s Map Settings?
  • What are Tarik’s mouse and keyboard settings in VALORANT?
  • How can you tune in to Tarik’s VALORANT streams live?

Since retiring from competitive Counter-Strike, streamer Tarik “Tarik” Celik has placed focus on full-time content creation, where his efforts have been greatly awarded. Tarik currently stands as one of VALORANT’s most popular content creators amassing over 800k Subscribers on YouTube and 2.8 million followers on Twitch.

As a result of his massive popularity, one of the biggest questions around the Sentinels content creator is what settings he uses when playing VALORANT.

These are all the settings that Sentinels' streamer Tarik “Tarik” Celik uses when he plays VALORANT.

What Are Tarik’s Crosshair Settings In VALORANT?

  • Color: White
  • Outlines: On
  • Outline Opacity: 1
  • Outline Thickness: 1
  • Center Dot: On
  • Center Dot Opacity: 1
  • Center Dot Thickness: 2
  • Show Inner Lines: Off
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off
  • Show Outer Lines: Off
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

What Are Tarik’s Map Settings?

  • Rotate: Rotate
  • Fixed Orientation: Based On Side
  • Keep Player Centered: On
  • Minimap Size: 1.1
  • Minimap Zoom: 0.797
  • Minimap Vision Cones: On
  • Show Map Region Names: Always

What Are Tarik’s Video Settings?

  • Resolution: 1680×1050
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Aspect Ratio Method: Fill
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Multithreaded Rendering: On
  • Material Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Detail Quality: Low
  • UI Quality: Low
  • Vignette: Off
  • VSync: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: MSAA 4x
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 4x
  • Improve Clarity: Off
  • Experimental Sharpening: Unknown
  • Bloom: On
  • Distortion: Off
  • Cast Shadows: Off

What Are Tarik’s Mouse Settings?

  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 0.471
  • eDPI: 376.8
  • Zoom Sensitivity: 1
  • Hz: 1000
  • Windows Sensitivity: 6
  • Raw Input Buffer: On

What Are Tarik’s Keybind Settings in VALORANT?

  • Walk: L-Shift
  • Crouch: L-Ctrl
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Use Object: F
  • Equip Primary Weapon: 1
  • Equip Secondary Weapon: 2
  • Equip Melee Weapon: 3
  • Equip Spike: 4
  • Use/Equip Ability 1: Q
  • Use/Equip Ability 2: E
  • Use/Equip Ability 3: C
  • Use/Equip Ability Ultimate: X

Where Can You Watch Tarik Play?

Those interested in following Tarik’s content creation career can do so by following his Twitch Channel, where he regularly streams VALORANT and first-person shooter content.

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