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  • Moist Moguls vs The Guard VALORANT NA Challengers match
  • Why was The Guard VALORANT roster playing without tex?
  • How did The Guard do without tex VALORANT?
  • What is Moist Moguls VALORANT schedule?

The Moist Moguls vs The Guard VALORANT NA Challengers saw two undefeated teams competing for sole possession of the first place in Group B. Both teams have looked strong in Split 2 as they defeated formidable opponents to reach this point at the top.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the match everybody hoped for when imagining a battle for first place in Group B, as The Guard VALORANT roster didn’t have their entire team.

Why was tex not in The Guard VALORANT roster?

One of the biggest storylines for The Guard VALORANT roster was that they would be playing without duelist Ian “tex” Botsch. However, The Guard fans do need to worry, at least about tex's place in the team. The substitution was made due to a concussion on tex's end.

“I got a concussion, send your energy to the boys today to win regardless of the situation, and I’ll be back to playing the next match,” tex wrote on Twitter.

Instead, The Guard VALORANT played with their head coach Josh “JoshRT” Lee, while Trent “trent” Cairns filled in for the duelist role for their match against Moist Moguls.

How did The Guard do without tex VALORANT?

The Guard performed admirably without tex in their lineup against Moist Moguls by challenging Moist Moguls very closely in a three-game series.

Notably, trent was still a formidable opponent for Moist Moguls despite the role swap, as he pieced together a 1.14 Rating and 62 kills throughout the three-game series. While The Guard VALORANT roster was shut down on Pearl, the team was able to bounce back in formidable fashion on Split with a 16-14 scoreline.

Regardless, The Guard was understandably unable to secure the series win against Moist Moguls, who performed well throughout the entire series. In particular, MxM VALORANT lLex “aproto” Protopapas was stellar on the final map of the series, Haven. In map three, aproto posted a 1.63 Rating, 30 kills, and a 343 Average Combat score to lead MxM to a 13-10 map win to close the series.

What is Moist Moguls VALORANT schedule?

This win puts MxM VALORANT at 3-0 in sole possession of first place in Group B as the second split of VALORANT Challengers NA has been a fantastic run for the team.

After taking down The Guard VALORANT roster, Moist Moguls will now have the opportunity to make a perfect 5-0 run in Group B. Moist Moguls VALORANT schedule now features OREsports and FaZe Clan to close out the VALORANT Challengers NA regular season.

Their next match against OREsports will occur on May 11 at 1pm PT. Moist Moguls VALORANT schedule will then conclude with their final series against FaZe Clan the following week. However, it is still being determined what day that will take place.

Those looking to keep up with Moist Moguls VALORANT schedule in VALORANT Challengers NA can do so by staying posted to our dedicated VALORANT section.