By Ben Sin
February 05, 2014

The NBA’s 82-game season is a grind, and players often rejuvenate their bodies by taking ice baths, getting massages, and even jumping into "cryo-chambers".

The two-time defending champion Miami Heat? They get mani-pedis.

Last night, LeBron James and Ray Allen both uploaded photos of themselves getting their assorted nails did.

It wasn’t just those two stars—even tough guy Udonis “Ultimate Warrior” Haslem got one, though he seemed a little less jolly about the whole operation.

Now, whenever an NBA player does something goofy, I usually look forward to the next episode of Inside the NBA to hear Charles Barkley’s reaction to it. But I'm guessing he won’t have anything to say about the Heat getting manicures, because Chuck, who gets his eyebrows waxed, respects guys who “have no shame in their game”.

To end on a serious note, I hope LeBron tipped his lady for the extra work she must have had to put in on his mangled toes. 

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