By Ben Sin
May 20, 2014


North Korea isn’t exactly too fond of Americans, but they sure do like our athletes. The authoritarian nation announced through its government news agency that it will organize a professional wrestling event in its capital, Pyongyang, this summer that will include “world famous pro wrestlers from Japan, the U.S. and other countries." According to the news agency, the contest to be held under the theme of independence, peace and friendship," which are hardly the hallmarks of most pro wrestling events.

North Korea already has Japanese pro wrestling legend Antonio Inoki – who’s wrestled everyone from Muhammad Ali to Hulk Hogan – on board as head of the organizing committee. It’s unclear which, if any, American wrestlers will actually take part in the event, given the whole North-Korea-is-ruled-by-a-raging-dictator-and-has-threatened-to-bomb-America thing, but hey, at the very least, Kim Jong Un can turn to his BFF Dennis Rodman.



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