By Andy Gray
November 10, 2014

Most Tweeted Events of 2014

As part of SI's fourth annual Twitter 100 project, we reached out to Twitter for data on the most talked-about moments and events in sports so far this year. Here are the top 20.

10 Weirdest Things You Can Buy From the NBA Store

From thongs to red leather belts to bizarre Pacers boots that I can't even begin to explain, check out the weirdest things you can buy from the NBA Store. And while we're on the subject of weird things you can buy at random places, here's our list of Dick's Sporting Goods' least sportsy items.

One-Finger Salute

The UConn women's soccer team won the AAC title on Sunday and Noriana Radwan's celebration would've made "Stone Cold" Steve Austin proud. The freshman, who didn't play in the game, flipped the bird to an ESPN camera and the image spread quickly across the internet. Radwan found out today that she's been indefinitely suspended from team.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

I'd never heard of Laura Whitmore before last night's MTV European Music Awards, but now she's my favorite MTV presenter (click here for full-size gallery) ... Lily Aldridge posed for the British edition of GQ ... Sydney Leroux still looks good in a bikini ... Natasha Barnard posed in a bikini and lingerie for Freya.

Dumb Controversy of the Day

Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters is Muslim, so some took it as a religious statement when he failed to appear for the national anthem before Wednesday's game against the JazzAccording to Waiters, however, it was all a "big misunderstanding." His pregame locker-room routine just took longer than usual. I'm guessing the bathroom was involved but that's just me. 

Points For Honesty

Packers Fan Loves His Jay Cutler Jersey

Bears Fan Hates His Jay Cutler Jersey

Trolling the Lakers

Odds & Ends

The Twins will wear a new home uniform next season ... Shorter NBA refs tend to call more fouls than tall ones ... The "Fire Jon Izdik" billboards have gone up in New Jersey ... The week's best college football and NFL Vines ... The Warriors, Grizzlies and Raptors lead this week's NBA Power Rankings ... Packers coach Mike McCarthy was not happy with a stray sideline cord ... For those wondering what a lifesize Jennifer Lawrence and Peter Dinklage cake looks like ... Is Google discriminating against the porn industry?

Taiwanese Animation Video of the Day

You know you've made a bad play when Taiwanese animators recreate it. Just ask Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay.

Most Cringeworthy Press Conference Moments

We collected the 20 most cringeworthy press-conference moments in the history of sports. This Jim Calhoun exchange is No. 15. I love surly Jim Calhoun.


Fresh off of flipping Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, Nick Mangold scares unsuspecting gas station customers.


Watch Out, Air Bud

This dog is jealous of a bouncing baby chair and tries to get in on the fun. (H/T Huff Post)

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