The NFL's drunkest fanbase and the lovely Antje Utgaard highlight Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks.  

By Andy Gray
November 04, 2015

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NFL's Drunkest Fanbase

​​BACtrack—a company that makes smartphone breathalyzers—looked at Blood Alcohol Content levels for fans of each NFL team. In the least shocking news ever, the Bills ended up No. 1 with an average BAC level of .076 at the end of each game. I knew Rex Ryan would help the Bills win something! Tiffany Oshinksy looks at some of the Bills fans' best drunk moments of the season. ​

Take That, Redskins

Washington is appealing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to cancel the trademark for “Redskins” and is making its case by pointing out that trademarks have been granted for other names and phrases it says are offensive. Our crack Extra Mustard staff called some of the companies the NFL team put on blast to see what they thought about the Redskins team name. The fine folks at Big T*tty Blend Coffee (and several other companies) were not impressed. Also, I just got away with using the phrase "big t*tty" and my editor can't do a thing (except throw in a pesky asterisk sign).

Dwyane Wade is a Dirty Player

Dwyane Wade smacked Paul Millsap square in the face during Tuesday night's Hawks-Heat game while trying to block a shot. Some may chalk this up to hard play but he did the same thing to Kobe Bryant during last year's All-Star game, resulting in a bloody Mamba. He also dislocated Rajon Rondo's elbow during the 2011 playoffs, threw Mike Bibby's shoe in the middle of a 2012 game and body checked Darren Collison a few weeks later. Not to mention all the plays on this YouTube mix. 

Lovely Lady of the Day


Jeremy Lin Hair Watch

Jeremy Lin is doing crazy things with his hair these days.

Mavs Video Should Win Oscar

The Mavs trolled DeAndre Jordan with an animated video. It is tremendous.

I Prefer the 'Who Farted' Caption

Michael Jordan Photobomb

Odds & Ends

Derek Jeter wrote about his dog and accidentally (?) spilled the beans on his engagement ... The best college football fans of the week ... Golf beer pong looks fun ... The Sharks wore throwback uniforms and fans approved ... Really like the Warriors Christmas Day jerseys ... From the "who wouldn't" department, June Jones wants to coach Hawaii again ... Ranking every James Bond film by actor ... Here's an engagement ring made from the fiancé’s​ wisdom tooth ... Say goodbye to Princess Leia's slave bikini ... Guinness beer is going vegan ... There is a petition to ban Phil Collins from returning to music. I will not be signing it.

Tyler Seguin Makes Girl Cry

In a related story, the Bruins made me cry when they traded Seguin because he partied too much. 

Wait. Where Did Everyone Go?

Now Checking In For the Rockets...

J.J. Watt would be a strong power forward off the bench. 


Buy Kurt Cobain's Sweater

The famous cardigan Kurt Cobain wore on MTV Unplugged is being auctioned off and should fetch between $40,000 and $60,000. I love this album so much and just spent five minutes trying to pick my favorite song from it. I settled on Plateau, with Man Who Sold the World a close second.

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