College Football Superfans: Best Halloween costumes in the stands

Our College Football Superfans gallery is back again, with a special Halloween flavor. 
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Week 9 of the college football season was highlighted by Miami’s ridiculous kickoff return but the fans in the stands were just as crazy. 

Each week Sports Illustrated combs through hundreds of photos to find those that show the most intense, clever or just plain weird fans in the stands at NCAA games. The result is the weekly College Football Superfans gallery. Here are a few highlights from Week 9. 

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What’s wrong, Mario? What do you see?

tcu andrew dieb icon.jpg

It’s-a me, a-Dinosaur

tcu matthew pearce icon.jpg

Virginia Tech fans get colonial

vt michael dwyer ap.jpg

The Hokies were in Boston on Saturday for a game against BC and these fans decided to try and settle the debate about whether Virginia or Massachusetts is our country’s birthplace.

There’s a rodent problem at Chestnut Hill

bc fred kfoury iii sportswire.jpg

Not quite as regal as the Virginia Tech costumes at this game, but definitely more comfortable. 

Hair metal and habits

wisconsin dan sanger icon sportswire.jpg

Those nun outfits probably haven’t been approved by the Vatican.  

Banana suits in “Peel”man

washington state william mancebo.jpg

These Washington State fans tried to create a hostile environment for Stanford in Pullman on Saturday. It didn’t work.