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Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Eva Adams: Steph Curry's Amazing Golf Weekend

Stephen Curry is life of party at celebrity golf tournament and Eva Adams is the lovely lady in Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks.

Steph Curry Had a Fun Weekend

Steph Curry played in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Nevada over the weekend. He danced The Carlton with Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro, made fun of himself by throwing his mouth guard and even busted out the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag.

This is Not How You Treat an Olympian

I don't want to say the Olympics are looking like a disaster but a New Zealand jiu-jitsu champion was kidnapped and robbed by Rio police. And that's not the worst Olympic news of the weekend.

Top eSports Earners

Newsflash: Competitive video gaming is a thing and pays quite well.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.09.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.14.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.09.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.12.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.12.38 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.12.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.12.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.52 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.14 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.40 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.14.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.14.24 AM.png

St. Louis native Eva Adams stopped by the office for a 2017 SI Swimsuit casting. I am a fan. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Get the Tissues

A dad surprised his son with a baseball bat for his birthday and the video is giving me the feels.

This Won't End Well

Lamar Odom's family attempted an intervention in NYC. It didn't go well.  

Hemingway Wins Hemingway Lookalike Contest

Bigger news: There's an actual Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest in Florida and it's been going on for 36 years now.

Bullpen Cars for Sale

Lionel Messi Goes Blonde

Odds & Ends

Randy Orton returned to WWE and took some PED-related shots at Brock Lesnar ... Seems a little petty of the Royals to not invite Johnny Cueto to the White House ... Mike Trout and Albert Pujolswere among those wearing special Ken Griffey Jr. cleats for Sunday's games ...New feud alert: Charles Barkley vs. "White Chocolate" Jason Williams ... This is why you don't fall asleep at a cricket match ... Sage Rosenfels got a lot of crap for this tweet ... The best way to re-heat old pizza doesn't involve a microwave.

Perfect End to Hall of Fame Speech

Walter Payton for KFC

The Bears legend would've turned 62 today. 

Top 100 Plays of 2015-16 NBA Season

Jimmy Kimmel's 10th Annual Bellyflop Competition

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