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Tim Connelly was formally introduced as the new general manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday, representing the start of his reported five-year, $40 million contract where he'll work under owners Glen Taylor, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore. 

Here are 10 quotes that stood out during the media conference. 

1. Alex Rodriguez: "The goal all along is to build a world class organization, one of the most respected organizations in all of sports," he said. "Tim fits the bill perfectly, not only for this team but for this great town."

2. Tim Connelly: "I'm here not to mess it up. This team is on the right direction." 

3. Connelly on last season's Timberwolves: "It was a blast watching you guys play. It wasn't a blast watching us play against you guys."

4. Connelly on what he liked about A-Rod and Lore's pitch to hire him: "They were so direct and so honest about their aspirations, and the aggression with which they talked about how they could achieve those goals," he said. "There's a real sense here that this place can do something special."

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5. Connelly on how he'll improve the team: "I don't have some well-oiled plan yet. I want to get here, get to know the team, get to know the staff," he said. "If I had the answer right now it would just be a soundbite, because I don't have it."

6. Connelly on attracting free agents: "I think the best chance we have to make this a destination city is, we have to be realistic. Certain players aren't going to want to come to certain parts of the country," he said. "I hope that as we continue to build a winning foundation and develop, this is a place you want to come to win. It's not about the weather. It's not about having some of these flashier markets. You're going to come here to win, be treated fairly and have a lot of fun."

7. Connelly: "I wasn't looking for this," he said of the job in Minnesota. "Is this a leap of faith? Certainly."

8. Glen Taylor: "Basically he's on the bonus program. If the team does well, he does better," he said about a report that Connelly is getting equity in the team in addition to his salary. 

9. Connelly on Karl-Anthony Towns: "KAT, that's one of the most talented guys in the NBA. He's got a relentless work ethic. He's probably the best shooting big in the NBA," he said. "I think the best thing we can give KAT is stability. I think with stability he will see a better version of himself."

10. Connelly on the NBA Draft: "It's a 'we' pick, it's a 'we' selection, it's a 'we' trade," he said, noting that everybody's insight about the draft and roster construction matters.