Alamo Bowl attempt to keep Texas, Oklahoma fails after appeal: report

Texas and Oklahoma will no longer be connected to any Big 12 bowl selection as they head into the SEC starting in the 2024 college football season.
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Texas and Oklahoma will not be considered for selection in the Alamo Bowl going forward after the bowl's appeal to keep the teams as part of its contract was denied, according to The Action Network.

Both the Longhorns and Sooners will officially join the SEC effective in July and will start playing football in the conference this fall, and will participate in SEC bowl selection instead.

And while the Alamo Bowl was hoping to keep those marquee brands on as potential candidates to play in their game, that plan will not go ahead.

There are two years remaining on the Alamo Bowl contract to select a Big 12 team against a Pac-12 school in its annual postseason game that takes place in San Antonio.

Action Network reported earlier this year that Pac-12 teams are likely to remain tied to their bowl contract as "legacy members" rather than fully transition to their new conferences' bowl schedules since the Pac-12 has no other way to fulfill its bowl contract.

Oregon State and Washington State are the only two remaining schools in the Pac-12.

That means some of the 10 schools leaving the Pac-12 this year will still play in Pac-12 affiliated bowls over the next two postseasons and not in Big Ten or Big 12-tied bowl games.

Reps from the Alamo Bowl were hoping to replace a Pac-12 team with either Texas or Oklahoma, should one miss the College Football Playoff, and have them play a Big 12 team.

And while that plan apparently had some support, Texas and Oklahoma, the SEC, and the SEC's bowl games pushed back on the idea, according to this report.

Unlike the Pac-12, the Big 12 was able to replace its departing schools with an active round of expansion last offseason, adding Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona State.

That should leave the Big 12 with plenty of options to send a team to the Alamo Bowl in the future, although the unique Pac-12 tie-in situation means those schools will still have to fulfill some of their old conference's bowl contracts first.

In the 2023 Alamo Bowl last postseason, former Pac-12 member and future Big 12 team Arizona defeated former Big 12 member and future SEC team Oklahoma, 38-24.


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