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On July 18 (appearing on Get Up), ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski gave an update on the Donovan Mitchell trade rumors. 

Woj: "I think for the Jazz, they go out now around the league, and see what else is out there for Donovan Mitchell. Get a sense of what the market is, what teams are willing to do and I do think the Knicks and Jazz will reengage here at some point. Maybe it's this week, maybe it's next week, maybe it's in two or three weeks, but the Jazz are not gonna necessarily move quickly."

The Jazz already traded away a franchise cornerstone in All-Star center Rudy Gobert this offseason. 

The Minnesota Timberwolves sent the Jazz a very large package to get Gobert, which also signals the changes going on in Utah. 

Wojnarowski (on Get Up) also added that the Knicks have serious interest in getting the All-Star shooting guard from the Jazz. 

Woj: "New York is motivated. They're motivated to get Donovan Mitchell, but I think they're also motivated to not just give up everything to get him."

The Knicks did not make the playoffs or the play-in tournament this past season as they finished as the 11th seed in the Eastern Conference.   

As for the Jazz, they were the fifth seed in the Western Conference, but they lost in the second-round of the NBA Playoffs to the Dallas Mavericks.  

In 2021, the Knicks were the fourth seed in the east, but they lost in the first-round of the playoffs. 

Meanwhile, the Jazz had the best record in the NBA in 2021, but lost in the second-round of the playoffs.