Levi Wright's Life Celebrated While the Rodeo World Mourns

The tragedy that stopped the rodeo world in its tracks is now beginning the grieving and closure process.

There really are no words for what the western industry has experienced lately. Day after day, there has been news of great sadness. From legends passing, barns burning and horses lost to the truly dreaded news of a 3-year-old cowboy taking his last breath. It has been more than most people can comprehend.

Beaver, Utah is famous because of the cowboys that live there. All you have to do is mention the Wright family and everyone thinks blue shirts and real cowboys. Men who can cover bucking horses with style, grace and grit. Their complete domination of the saddle bronc event the last several years and then, of course, Stetson being a superstar athlete in both the bull riding and saddle bronc events earning him multiple world championship and all-around titles, brings a lot of attention to the family.

On May 21, the Wright family was rocked with tragedy. Guaranteed, it was a kick in the gut they have not ever experienced riding a bronc. Little Levi Wright, the 3-year-old son of Kallie and Spencer Wright, drove his toy tractor across the creek that he had crossed many other times, except this time was different.

The water was higher due to the winter runoff and the creek was flowing with a current. This only happens for a few days each year. Normally the creek is easy to cross.

See, grandma's house is on the other side of the creek and well, Levi loved grandma. No doubt, grandma loved seeing little Levi on his way over when he would make his way to her house. That day though, Grandma wasn't home.

Levi wanted to ride his tractor, so Kallie got him all set up and told him to stay right around the house. She even told him that Grandma wasn't home. She then had to run back into the house quickly and that's when Levi headed off. When Kallie looked out to check on him she couldn't see him and immediately got on the ATV to go find him.

Only parents will know the panic that sets in when you are going through something like this. There is no doubt that Kallie was terrified. When she got to the creek she found his little toy tractor overturned and Levi not in sight.

First responders were there within minutes and the search continued. Clearly continued is the correct word here because Kallie was already searching frantically. Levi was found about a mile downstream and work began immediately.

Without all of the unneccessary details in this story, little Levi "Beans" Wright didn't make it. He went home to his final resting place on June 2, 2024.

Kallie and Spencer shared some beautiful thoughts in Levi's obituary.

Our sweet boy, Levi Spencer Wright, affectionately known as “Beans,” was born on March 24, 2021, in Cedar City, Utah, to Spencer and Kallie Wright of Beaver, Utah. He passed away June 2, 2024, after a two week stay at Primary Children’s Hospital following an accident May 21st doing what he loved most, riding his electric toy tractor.

Levi was exceptionally thoughtful and considerate for his age, he was constantly thinking of others. His heart was pure, tender and oversized. Levi loved his big sister, Steeley, and playing with her was one of his greatest joys. They were instant best friends. The verdict was still partially out on his baby brother, Brae, but Levi often asked to “hold baby.” Levi was a die hard Grandma’s boy, always asking to go to Gamma’s house.

He enjoyed going to church with Grandma and was a Sunbeam for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Levi had mastered his colors, counting to 7 and early heavy equipment operation as Dad’s right hand man. His Dad was who he looked up to most; he wanted to be just like him and was well on his way. He had a passion for tractors, excavators, skid steers and all heavy equipment, even his music choice followed suit-he was always asking to play Big Green Tractor and The Excavator Song. Like many 3 year old boys, he had a growing love for dinosaurs. He recently convinced himself he was a TRex and had begun roaring at people when he was too shy to speak to them. He was rarely seen without his cowboy hat and boots. He had just acquired his own horse and was beginning to enjoy family horse rides.

Levi is survived by his parents, Spencer and Kallie Wright, grandparents Bill and Evelyn Wright, Brent and Connie Wonnacott, siblings Steeley and Brae Wright, as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Levi’s family would like to extend a warm thank you to the volunteers and first responders that participated in his search and rescue as well as the attentive and compassionate staff at Primary Children’s Hospital.

The western industry responded. There have been several efforts set up to help ease any financial strain the family might experience during this incredibly hard time. The Levi Wright Benefit Auction & Updates page was set up on Facebook and immediately flooded with donations. The auction is scheduled to end June 17 and there are hundreds of items ranging all the way from leather belts to stallion fees. The world rallied in the only way they knew how to help.

Unbelievably, there have been scams and false information and even a few lost souls passing judgment on the family. Internet trolls are everywhere and unfortunately they apparently have no bounds.

If you wish to support the family, the Facebook page linked above is a great way to do so, but if nothing else, rise to the occasion and be a compassionate human who can sort through the haze and know that this family is experiencing something so incredibly sad most of us, thankfully, will never be able to comprehend. There is no place for judgment - only love and support.

Kallie, Spencer, the entire Wright family, and all of those that little Levi "Beans" touched, Sports Illustrated Rodeo Daily wishes to send our most heartfelt sympathies. As you celebrated his life, we were with you in spirit and we grieve with you. We know the story is not over and some of the hardest days are yet to come. The rodeo world will rise to the occasion.

Laura Motley Lambert


Laura Lambert resides in Wiggins, Colo. With her husband, Ricky and two sons, Brayden and Boedy. She attended the University of Northern Colorado while studying economics. She is an accomplished rodeo athlete and barrel horse trainer. Over the years, Laura has been active in journalism in a variety of roles. While continuing to cover western sports and country music, she is currently enjoying expanding her reach into multiple sports including MLB, NFL, PGA and LPGA. You can reach her at lauralambertmedia@gmail.com