Booker T’s Radio Show Debuting Nationally on ESPN Radio

Booker T and Brad Gilmore’s The Hall of Fame show coming to ESPN Radio

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are headed to ESPN.

The two host The Hall of Fame radio show, which will begin airing nationally on ESPN Radio this Saturday at 10pm ET, starting with live coverage of UFC 303.

“We’re thrilled to connect with an even larger audience,” said Booker, who is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer. “We’re honored to be part of ESPN Radio.”

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are headed to ESPN Radio
Booker T and Brad Gilmore are headed to ESPN Radio / Hall of Fame

A distinct blend of wrestling, MMA, and pro sports, the show has engaged listeners for the past eight years. As a part of ESPN Radio, future episodes will be aired during major WWE and MMA events.

“Our Hall of Fame show reminds me a lot of my wrestling career,” said Booker. “We take a lot of pride in preparing and working hard, and we also know how to have fun. That’s why I say it’s like my days wrestling–I had a lot of matches I’m really proud of, and the one that is remembered most is when I brawled with Steve Austin in a grocery store. You need to entertain people and give them an experience, and that’s what we do.”

Booker and Gilmore started teaming together in 2015 on AM radio, but their relationship extends even further. Thirteen years ago, Gilmore was an 18-year-old seeking to seize hold of his future as a student at Booker’s Reality of Wrestling promotion.

“Booker was looking for a commentator,” recalled Gilmore. “I did a horrible audition and I didn’t get it, but their ring announcer got strep throat that weekend and they needed me to fill in. That’s how Booker and I got together. He’s someone I’ve always looked up to, and ever since we met, we’ve always clicked.”

Booker T and Brad Gilmore
Booker T and Brad Gilmore /

Gilmore is a writer, having published two books–and he is also an on-air personality for the CW 39 television affiliate in Houston, Texas. With local roots, this marks a new opportunity to connect with an even wider audience.

“The way we do radio is unique,” said Gilmore. “Nobody can do it like Booker, and I’ve been able to learn right next to him. Every show, he says, ‘This show is for the people.’ And it really is. Now that we get to do it on ESPN Radio, we can open up the phone lines across the nation. Just like in wrestling, it’s that interaction with the audience that makes this so special.”

A pro wrestling icon, Booker has remained connected to pro wrestling for more than three decades. He is also well-versed in MMA, as well as the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL–and The Hall of Fame is a showcase of his depth as a broadcaster. He remains grateful for all the opportunities in his career, and he credits those who have always been in his corner.

“If it weren’t for the people, there wouldn’t be a Booker T,” said Booker. “I truly mean that. I come from humble beginnings, and I never forget what wrestling fans did for my career, all the way back to when they were raising the roof with me back in the early 90’s. There’s no rise of Booker T with the people. Now we get a chance to do it on the ESPN platform, and shucky ducky quack quack, we can bring the world this Booker T flavor.”

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