Giants QB Daniel Jones is a Steal in 2020 Fantasy Football Leagues

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Despite playing in just 13 games his rookie season, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones managed to finish with 24 passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns. That was good enough for No. 23 among all passers in fantasy football points.

Now that Jones is entering his second year in the NFL, many fantasy football players are jumping at the opportunity to draft the Giants passer late in their drafts. The strategy affords them the ability to stack up on running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends in the early rounds while still getting a productive passer with high upside at a discounted draft price.

Sports Illustrated’s Frank Taddeo and GiantsCountry’s Patricia Traina weigh in on Daniel Jones’ value for the 2020 fantasy football season.

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Bill Enright: Daniel Jones is looking to make a leap in his second year in the NFL. The Giants have big expectations for Daniel Jones, but what are fantasy football players having to say about this second-year quarterback? Let's find out what Patricia Traina from Giants Country. And Frank in, our fantasy analyst here at Sports Illustrated, have to say about Daniel Jones. Patricia, I'll go to you first. We know that Saquon Barkley is perhaps the biggest star on this team, but Daniel Jones is going to be the one front and center and we all know how important quarterbacks are in today's NFL.

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Patricia Traina: They sure are, and especially in this new Giants offense that Jason Garrett is installing. A lot is going to be put on Daniel Jones, not just to run the offense, but to understand and know every little nuance, know when to adjust, know when to, you know, changeup who he is throwing to. So there's a lot put on this young man. He's been working at it all offseason, doing what he can to learn it, simulating some of the issues that he might face behind center. Right now, according to what he said in an interview with the media last week, he said everything is coming along well. But of course, the true test is going to be when he gets out there on the field and has to do it.

Bill Enright: Frankie, from a fantasy football standpoint, we know that people typically wait on quarterbacks. Are you drafting or are you passing on Daniel Jones?

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Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, this is one player that I am going to be targeting heavily. As you just previously mentioned, I usually wait on quarterback, and I try to find a few diamonds in the rough. Daniel Jones fits that criteria immensely in 2020. I love new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. He has a strong propensity and a lust for a deep vertical passing game and that means big yards and big plays in the Giants' passing game. We know that he has weapons, now with a healthy Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram as well as Golden Tate. The Giants have weapons all over this offense. Daniel Jones is going to take an immense leap in 2020 and he's going to be a player at all fantasy owners are going to want to look at. And as we know, Bill, we have to always do a little bit more research. I love the fact, also, that he's already reached out to Tony Romo on how to really pick up this Dallas offense. So for me, Daniel Jones is a strong draft this year.

Bill Enright: All right, positive words from both Frank and Patricia. I love it. Plenty more fantasy football analysis. You can find it from Sports Illustrated by checking out