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Chaminade-Madonna 56 Clearwater Central Catholic 0: Live score updates, Florida 1M football state championship

Refresh this post for constant updates as the Lions take on the Marauders in the Florida Class 1M state championship game
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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – This Florida Class 1M state championship showdown between Chaminade-Madonna and Clearwater Central Catholic kicks-off the 2023 Florida high school football championships, which will feature nine games over three days at Florida A&M University.

The Lions ran away with the Class 1M state championship at Gene Cox Stadium last year against the Marauders, but could this rematch go down a little bit differently the second time around?

Stay with SBLive Florida for reports from this state championship game and others as we cover all nine title games at Bragg Memorial Stadium on the campus of Florida A&M.

Below is our Live Update Feed created and updated as the contest progresses. Read from the bottom up to follow the action chronologically from beginning to end.

Live Updates:



- That will do it. Chaminade-Madonna wins its third straight FHSAA state championship and its sixth in the last seven years. 56-0 final.

- CCC has the ball near its own 35. The Marauders are keeping the ball on the ground as the final seconds wind down.

- TOUCHDOWN! Lewis goes the final three-yard for Chaminade-Madonna's eight touchdown in as many possessions. 1:25 left.

- Lions threatening again. Jaquari Lewis runs down to the three.

- Davion Gause bursts for a 71-yard run, but it is called back by holding. We have a water break with 5:49 left.

- INTERCEPTION! Newton throws for Rigby in the end zone, but Gavin Shepard takes it away for an interception. Madonna takes over at its own 20.

- CCC has possession at the Chaminade 49 with 10 minutes to play.



- Nice return to the 40 for CCC. With the clock rolling, we've reached the end of third quarter.

- TOUCHDOWN! Jackson gets the reward for his earlier big run, with a 1-yard TD carry. PAT is good. 49-0. We now have a running clock.

- Gause runs down to the five, fumbles, but it is recovered at the three by teammate Javarius Robinson.

- Freshman Arwin Jackson with a huge 61-yard run. Lions are back in the Red Zone.

- Newton escapes a sack on fourth and 22, but his pass falls incomplete. The Lions will get the ball over on downs.

- Hutchinson again, runs inside the 15, but Newton is then sacked by Crothers (his second) back to the 25.

- Justin Stephens makes a first down inside the 40 and then Nasir Hutchinson burst up the middle for a gain inside the Red Zone.

- Andy Jaffe with a big return out across midfield. Marauders will open the second half at the Chaminade 47.

- CCC will receive to start the second half.


- Jeremiah Smith finished the first half with 10 catches for 170 yards and a score, while Joshia Trader had two catches for 61-yards and two touchdowns, in addition to one TD throw.


- Newton completes a short throw to Thill and that will wrap up the first half.

- CCC throws incomplete of first down. Just 2 seconds left in the first half.

- TOUCHDOWN! A Philly special. Bailey pitches to Trader going right. He throws it back to the left and the 6-foot-6 Bailey out-jumps two defenders for the TD catch. Lions cruising, 42-0, with 15-seconds left in the first half. That was the first touchdown reception of Bailey's career.

- No worries. Smith works across the middle and just glides away from defenders for a gain of 26. First and goal at the two.

- Gause grabs a throw from Bailey in the flat, breaks two tackles and scores, but it is negated by a holding call. The Lions are pushed back to the 28.

- Smith on another wildcat run scampers for another first down. He is showing off all his skills. The Lions are at the CCC 19 with 41 seconds left.

- Smith picks up another short grab, his 10th catch of the day.

- After a nice run across midfield by Jaquari Lewis. The Lions then go back to previous play with Smith who makes his ninth catch of the game. Lions marching with 1:35 left in the second quarter.

- Smith hits Smith on a short slant. He spins back to the outside and gets the ball to the 41.

- INTERCEPTION! Newton floats the ball to the end zone and the only one home was Zaquan Patterson. He would have had a 101-yard pick six, but he slipped to the turf near midfield. A block in the back, however, sends the Lions back to their own 18.

- CCC calls timeout with 3 minutes to play in the first half. The Marauders are facing 3rd and 10 from the 13.

- Another big completion for CCC. Goodloe makes a tremendous spinning catch at the 13.

- Facing fourth and six at the 45, Newtown drills a throw into Rigby for a first down at the Chaminade 37.

- Newton connects with Goodloe for 11. Lions at the Chaminade 49.

- Rigby continues his strong game. The Purdue commit breaks a tackle after another catch and gains 20. 5:41 left in the half.

- CCC starts at its own 20.

- TOUCHDOWN! Bailey with an easy 9-yard flip to Denairius Gray. Chaminade has had five possessions and have scored five touchdowns.

- Bailey makes a beautiful throw over the middle to Kyle Washington for 55-yards. He follows with a short throw to Smith. The Linons are at the 10.

- Jeremiah Smith runs for 10 out of the wildcat. Another first down for the Lions with 7:18 to play in the second quarter.

- Gause with a first down run out to the 21.

- CCC punts and Trader makes the fair catch at the Lions 10.

- That penalty and one more derail a promising drive. The Marauders face a fourth and 30 from the 41. Timeout with 8:26 left in the half.

- Newton throws for Artrevian McClelland in the end zone. He makes the catch, but out of bounds. McClelland is then call for a unsportsmanlike penalty.

- On a second-down play from the Chaminade 41, the Lions are called for pass interference. First down CCC at the 21.

- CCC gets a first down out to the 38 on a face mask call. Newton then finds Koen Thill for a 14-yard gain. Maruaders at the CM 48.

- TOUCHDOWN! Bailey connects with Trader in the back of the end zone for his third TD pass of the game. Kick is good. Lions lead 28-0 early in the second quarter.

- Bailey finds Smith for another big gainer. He goes across the middle of the secondary for a 35-yard gain. First and goal at the eight.

- The punt is not returned and rolls out to the CCC 46. Lions will start in great field position.

- Newton suffers a strip sack, but the Marauders recover. CCC has to punt from its own end zone.



- After a touchback, CCC will start at its own 20.

- TOUCHDOWN! Davion Gause powers his way to a 4-yard TD run, his 13th score of the season. Kick is good and the Lions are rolling, 21-0, with 54 seconds left in the quarter.

- Bailey converts with a 25-yard completion to Denairius Gray. First and goal at the eight.

- CCC look for its first defensive stop. It's 4th and 15 from the 33. The Lions call timeout with 1:54 to play in the opening quarter.

- After getting a first down, the Lions go backwards with a holding call.

- TURNOVER! Newton is sacked by Zach Crothers and fumbles. Donta Simpson picks it up and returns it to the CCC 40.

- Stephens is starting to get up a lather. He goes for six on first down.

- Newton goes deep to Rigby who makes a great adjustment for a 35-yard reception. CCC is at the CM 35.

- CCC is facing crucial drive early. Justin Stephens starts the drive with two runs and a first down. The Marauders are out to their own 30.

- TOUCHDOWN! Bailey goes deep down the left sideline and Miami commit Joshisa Trader grabs it in front of a defender and jogs into the end zone for a 54-yard TD catch. Kick good. Lions lead, 14-0 with 5:23 left in the quarter.

- Lions move up 10 yards on pass interference call on first down.

- On fourth and one from the Lions 37, Newton is stopped inches short on the QB draw. Chaminade-Madonna takes over at it own 36 with 5:36 remaining in the first quarter.

- Newton completes another third and long throw, this time to Shamar Rigby. CCC is inside the Chaminade-Madonna 40.

- On third and eight, Jershaun Newton completes a 9-yard throw to Caleb Goodloe for a first down.

- Justin Stephens with a nice return for the Marauders. They start their first possession at their own 33.

- TOUCHDOWN! Bailey to Smith for a third straight snap results in a 50-yard touchdown catch and run. Kick is good. Lions lead 7-0, just 30 seconds into the contest.

- Cedrick Bailey completes two short passes to Jeremiah Smith for a first down.

- CCC kicks-off with a ball that is fair caught at the Chaminade 30. That's where the Lions will start.


- CCC is dressed in white with red and gold trim, with red helmets with the Michigan style "winged" stripes. Chaminade is in all blue with red numbers trimmed in white and white helmets with red and blue trim.

- Kickoff is just minutes away.

- Breakfast in Tally is a battle between a team (Chaminade-Madonna) filled with several of the top players in the country which is used to winning state championships and a team (Clearwater Central Catholic) hungry to prove it has improved vastly from last season's lopsided loss in the state finals.

- We are about 20 minutes from kickoff.

- In addition to this live update feed, follow SBLive Florida's @Andy_Villamarzo on X for live updates from the field throughout the contest.

- This will be the coldest weather either team has played in this year. The stadium opened this morning in the upper 30s, but now that the sun is up, it's reached the low 40s.

- Kickoff is schedule for 10:00 a.m. (EST)

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