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Angels Rumors: Eight Teams Linked to Shohei Ohtani as Free Agent Landing Spots

Everyone wants a piece of Ohtani.
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We all know Shohei Ohtani's free agency is going to be one of the most highly talked about topics in sports history. Almost every team will want a crack at signing the two-way superstar, as he's on his way to becoming one of the best and most influential players in baseball history.

However, while all teams would love to have him, only a select few actually have the resources to get a deal done. And based on all the rumors thus far, there are eight clear teams who not only want Ohtani, but have a shot at signing him. In no particular order, here are the teams:

1. Los Angeles Angels:

Obviously, the Angels will do anything to bring Ohtani back. Their general manager Perry Minasian has made it clear he wants Ohtani back, and I mean, why wouldn't he? As long as the Angels are contending next season, there's no reason to count them out as a potential landing spot.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers:

It's been very apparent that the Dodgers are keeping quiet this offseason to make a run at Ohtani next offseason. They wanted him when he initially came to America in 2017, and it's no different now. Whether they trade for him before the deadline or sign him next offseason, many around the game of baseball think they're the favorites to land Ohtani long term.

3. San Diego Padres:

The Padres are reportedly 'all in' on signing Ohtani, and why wouldn't they be? They've shown a willingness to do just about anything to build a World Series contender, and Ohtani would do just that. They offered over a billion dollars worth of deals to Aaron Judge, Trea Turner and Xander Bogaerts this offseason, so there's no reason for them to bow out in the Ohtani market.

4. New York Mets:

Speaking of big spenders, Mets owner Steve Cohen has proven that money is no barrier for him to getting a deal done. And after having the Carlos Correa deal fall through, the Mets have more than enough funds to give Ohtani just about whatever he wants. The only question is, does he still not want to play in New York?

5. New York Yankees:

That same question for the Mets will apply to the Yankees. We know they're never shy in spending money, and Ohtani definitely feels like someone who would look just fine in Pinstripes.

6. San Francisco Giants:

The Giants entered the 2022 offseason with high hopes of signing multiple top free agents, yet came up empty-handed. If they have another disappointing 2023, they'll likely prepare a mammoth offer to Ohtani to get them back on track for their long term future.

7. Boston Red Sox:

The Red Sox have been mentioned as a potential landing spot. After letting so many of their homegrown stars walk, it would seem a little weird for them to shell out a potential $500 million contract to Ohtani. But a one-two punch of Ohtani and Rafael Devers would be about as good as it gets.

8. Chicago Cubs:

Speaking of letting homegrown players walk, the Cubs blew up their 2016 World Series team about as fast as anyone ever has. However, they've had a sneaky good offseason, and could look to build a new championship core with Ohtani at the center of it.

There are likely to be more than just these eight teams interested in Ohtani, but at least for now, these are the eight teams who have been linked to him. It's going to be a long year for Angels fans as they hope and pray Ohtani decides to stick around in Anaheim.