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Trevor Bauer is currently serving an unprecedented 324-game suspension levied by Major League Baseball. The Dodgers pitcher started the appeals process this week, but insiders believe that it's going to be a long process. 

There's three outcomes that could come to pass once the process is complete. Bauer could have his appeal denied and would serve the full length of the suspension. He could win the appeal outright and have the suspension reduced to 0 games. Or, Bauer could see the total number of games reduced.

The latter is what ESPN's Jeff Passan believes is the most likely outcome. During a recent appearance on the Baseball Tonight podcast, Passan stated that he thinks the suspension getting reduced is the most probable result. 

“It could be reduced, which I think is probably the likeliest scenario because there is precedence. When you look at a suspension as enormous as this one, typically huge suspensions find some kind of reduction. I don’t know if it’s going to be a half-season, I don’t know if it’s going to be a full season. But MLB believes that it has a mountain of evidence against Trevor Bauer.”

If the suspension does get reduced, the Dodgers organization would have some big decisions to make about their future as it pertains to Bauer. LA could elect to cut him, but then would have to eat the remaining value of Bauer's contract. They could let him take the mound, but would then have to brace for what would presumed to be significant public blowback.