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Dodgers outfielder, Mookie Betts, earned his sixth All-Star Game selection this season and started in center field for the NL squad. Recognizing the huge platform, the superstar attended pregame warm-ups wearing a shirt with a message.

“We Need more Black people at the Stadium” it said.

Steve Saldivar of The LA Times reported that after the game, Betts was asked about the responsibility he feels to use his platform to bring awareness to causes he believes in.

“Yeah. It’s what I signed up for. It is what it is. I gotta embrace these types of things. It’s something I’ve been working on doing. I used to kind of shy away from it. I think now, it is my responsibility. Someone has to do it and I’ll take on that ownership.”

Mookie then explained that SportsNetLA’s Kirsten Watson was responsible for bringing his attention to the shirt online. He felt compelled to purchase one and wear it to Dodger Stadium for the high-profile event.

But that wasn't all that Betts did on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. He managed to get on the mic and led the All-Stars in wishing Rachel Robinson, wife of Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson, a happy 100th birthday.

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In recent years, MLB has implemented a number of programs across the country at various levels, aimed at increasing the number of African Americans playing baseball. According to The LA Times’ Jorge Castillo, on Opening Day rosters this season, only 7.2% of players were African American. In 2021, that percentage was at 7.6%. 

While the numbers took a slight dip, with champions like Robinson, Betts, and everyone in between, inspiring and understanding that representation matters, the future in MLB for African-American players continues to brighten. Hopefully, leading to more black people at the stadium.