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Dodgers pitcher Dustin May suffered a gruesome UCL tear and has been out since May recovering from Tommy John Surgery. With the hope of May returning in the postseason, all signs of May's recovery provides a welcome relief for baseball fans. 

As we've seen with many athletes, the comeback is always greater than the set back. May has now reached the minor league rehab stage as he pitches for the Dodgers Triple-A affiliate OKC Dodgers. 

May went on to pitch two innings, striking out three batters, while giving up three hits, three walks and one run. One of the batters he struck out was a former top prospect for the Dodgers, Willie Calhoun. 

Calhoun's time in the majors lasted six seasons with the Rangers where he hit 32 home runs with a .241 batting average and 103 RBI. Calhoun is best known for being a key piece of the Yu Darvish deal for the Dodgers back in 2017. 

The former Dodger fourth-round pick went toe-to-toe with May with the bases loaded. A full count in the top of the second inning led to a strong armed fast ball right down the middle to strike out Calhoun. 

A welcome sight for the fans, but it's still quite a journey until we see May in the Dodges lineup. 

Calhoun unfortunately never panned out for the Dodgers, but a 24-year-old May has shown signs of what he is capable of. The Dodgers are willing to take the risk to see him on the field again.