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Since defeating Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers more than two weeks ago and posting a classless meme of a crying Kershaw, the Padres have been in an utter tailspin. The now fourth place (!!) San Diego club is 5 games under .500 and has lost 11 of 14 games. They're 7.5 games behind the Dodgers.

That hubris brought a curse onto the club in the eyes of some fans and now they're online trying to appease the baseball gods by uploading respectful and appreciative posts of Kersh to reverse the curse.

User @EdgarBased on Twitter shared some images from Padres Reddit.

Fans in the comments of one post on r/Padres have been hilarious.

User TheAwesome604 said, "What a swell guy. We should totally throw him a pregame honor next time we play them." u/AbideMan agreed and took it a step further. 

"But for real hopefully we do something like that whenever he decides to retire."

u/I_are_facepalm said, "Kershaw is not even a dude you can dislike. He's a beast on the mound and a solid guy off the field."

And a personal favorite here, u/PizzaPadre had this gem of a comment, referencing Kershaw's Hankook tire commercials.

"Handsome guy I feel like buying tires now."

The Padre fans' plan seemed to work with the Friars beating the Red Sox to move to 1-0 in the be nice to Kershaw era. More impressively, it was a 7-0 shutout.

The Dodgers and Padres don't face off again until early August.