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Carlos Correa not Interested in Restructuring Contract With New York Mets

Carlos Correa's deal with the Mets is still in limbo due to concerns over his physical.
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Carlos Correa's camp and the New York Mets are still trying to work through concerns over the star infielder's physical examination.

According to Mike Puma of The New York Post, Correa's preference is to play for the Mets, however, he has no interest in restructuring the length or financial terms of his contract.

As Puma added, at least three teams have been in contact with Correa's camp in recent days, but Correa is committed to finalizing a deal with the Mets.

Puma went on to report that there is optimism that the Mets and Correa will be able to complete a deal, with a source giving it a 55% chance.

After Correa's 13-year, $350 million deal with the San Francisco Giants fell through due to medical concerns, the Mets reached an agreement with Correa on December 21 for 12-years, $315 million.

However, the Mets have their own concerns over Correa's medicals and have yet to finalize the deal. The concern is due to a right leg fracture, in which Correa underwent surgery for in 2014 while still in the minor leagues. Correa has not missed time due to this injury at the major league level.

Although Correa isn't open to restructuring his contract, there could be language inserted that covers the Mets if he misses time due to this previous injury.

The Mets and Correa's camp continue to work through things, and the hope is that a deal can be finalized in the near future.

Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.

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