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Brandon Nimmo Drawing Interest From 'Majority' of Teams

Brandon Nimmo drawing interest from "majority" of teams.

LAS VEGAS - This center fielder is going to be highly sought after in free agency.

When speaking at general manager's meetings in Las Vegas on Wednesday, super agent Scott Boras revealed that "the majority" of MLB teams have already checked in on Brandon Nimmo in the first week of free agency.

Boras, who is known for his puns, used a Disney reference while talking about Nimmo's market.

“There are a lot of teams in the free-agent market that are in the waters for a center fielder,” Boras said. “Whoever Pixar guy will be the lucky one to Finding Nimmo.”

Nimmo posted a .800 OPS out of the leadoff spot and a 5 bWAR overall across 151 games last season. He will likely be in high demand due to the lack of center fielders that are available on the free agent market.

"There are no center fielders in our game that are available," Boras said. "Then you add leadoff to that, then you add a near .400 on-base percentage to that, he's an excellent leadoff hitter and an excellent defender. And then also he can play in New York."

"When you have those three elements that are there, he becomes a very, very integral part of what we found for a team to win over 100 games. He is a very proven commodity and there are very few that can replace him."

Mets general manager Billy Eppler has said he has been in touch with Boras about Nimmo and expects there to be strong communication between both sides throughout the offseason.

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Eppler has also recently stated that the Mets are comfortable playing Starling Marte in center if needed.

Regardless of whether the Mets are willing to play Marte in center or not, losing Nimmo would be a significant blow for this team, both offensively out of the leadoff spot and defensively up the middle (6 Outs Above Average in 2022).

There will likely be a significant amount of competition around the league for Nimmo's services, but the Mets are said to be prioritizing the free agent center fielder. Time will tell whether the long time Met remains in Queens.

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