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Which Players Will Be First-Year Eligible For 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

From Carlos Beltrán and Francisco Rodríguez to Jacoby Ellsbury and John Lackey, here are 10 players that will be eligible for Hall of Fame votes for the first time in 2023.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens won't be on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot in 2023, but plenty of new faces are eligible to receive votes for the first time. 

The results of this year's election were certainly controversial. David Ortiz ended up being the lone player elected on Tuesday night.

Bonds and Clemens, along with Sammy Sosa and Curt Schilling, all failed to reach the 75% threshold necessary to be inducted. Since it was their 10th and final year on the ballot, those all-time greats won't be headed to Cooperstown, unless they're voted in by the Today's Game Era Committee. 

While those four players fell short in their final year of eligibility, other household names carry over into next year. Alex Rodriguez, Scott Rolen, Todd Helton, Andruw Jones, Gary Sheffield and Billy Wagner are among the stars that will be up for induction again next year. 

That said, what about the players making their first appearance on the ballot in 2023? Let's run through 10 of the studs that have been out of the league for five years and could earn some votes during the election process next year...

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Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran runs off the field
Los Angeles Angels pitcher John Lackey
Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury rounds bases
Los Angeles Angels pitcher Jered Weaver
San Francisco 49ers starting pitcher Matt Cain
Los Angeles Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez pitching
Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth reacts
R.A. Dickey pitching for New York Mets
Boston Red Sox slugger Mike Napoli hits home run
St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Jhonny Peralta warming up

Each of those 10 players had tremendous careers, but other than Beltrán and Rodríguez, it's tough to envision them earning too many votes. After all, 10 of the 13 first-year eligible players on this year's ballot didn't earn the 5% necessary to stick around on the ballot for an additional cycle.

For more first-year eligible players (in 2023 and beyond), head over to the Hall of Fame's official website by clicking here


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