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The Chicago Bulls tried to trade All-Star guard Zach LaVine all season long but to no avail until he was ruled out for the rest of the season before the trade deadline due to a foot injury. Now, all eyes will be on the Bulls’ front office regarding what moves they’ll make (or won’t) involving the former slam dunk champion.

As Chicago learned this season, trading LaVine away—despite his lofty numbers—is a tricky endeavor. Between his seemingly one-dimensional game and massive salary, finding a deal that would give the Bulls equal value in return is difficult. However, this trade ideal from Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz may do the trick.

Send LaVine to Brooklyn

In this trade proposal, Chicago would send LaVine to the Nets for a package of Ben Simmons, a 2029 first-round pick (unprotected via Dallas Mavericks), and second-round picks in 2026 and 2028. According to Swartz, Brooklyn could be an ideal new home for LaVine as that team is in dire need of a legitimate scoring threat.

“Brooklyn is the perfect destination for LaVine, a franchise in need of some scoring punch and with no incentive to tank with its next four drafts controlled by the Houston Rockets,” Swartz wrote.

“Assuming LaVine makes a full recovery from foot surgery and gets back to his All-Star level of play, the 28-year-old could serve as the primary scorer and playmaker for a Nets team that already features a lot of defensive talent. If there's any concern about LaVine's ability to stop opponents, putting him in a starting lineup that features Mikal Bridges and Nic Claxton would help alleviate those worries.”

Cost-cutting move for the Bulls

This move also benefits the Bulls as it rids them of LaVine’s humongous salary while also refilling their depleted cache of draft assets.

“Simmons will be on an expiring $40.3 million contract next year while LaVine will still be owed $138.9 million over the next three seasons. This means an extra $46 million of cap space in the summer of 2025 when players like Donovan Mitchell, Jimmy Butler, Brandon Ingram, Jalen Brunson, Derrick White and others can be unrestricted free agents,” Swartz continued.