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Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas have had a longtime rivalry. Both Hall of Famers held a grudge against one another until the conclusion of their careers, stemming from their fiery confrontation and role in the Chicago Bulls-Detroit Pistons rivalry. And over four years ago, MJ created "The Last Dance," which eventually became his primary platform for venting his bitter feelings toward the Motor City icon.

Isiah is open about his ongoing feud with Michael following his recent outburst on The Draymond Green Show.

No apology, no reconciliation

In a heated conversation with the Golden State Warriors player, Zeke was brutally honest when asked if there is still a possibility to rekindle his relationship with MJ. Noting the widespread backlash he received as a result of Jordan's infamous comments against him on "The Last Dance," Isiah stated that he will never consider any attempts to settle their feud unless he gets a true apology.

"No. This dude got on international television and called me an as*hole. Somebody who's been really good to him. Until he apologizes on international television, ain't no conversation. You can't apologize and have a private dinner when you embarrassed me publicly. If you didn't mean it, say it publicly. Now, if you meant it, let it stand. I'm good with that," Zeke explained.

An unfathomable hatred

Isiah was taken aback by MJ's obvious cussing and antagonizing in the 2020 documentary, and he expressed his surprise at the tremendous level of hatred the Bulls great has for him.

“I never knew this dude felt the way he felt until ‘The Last Dance,'” Thomas stated. “All these years you’ve been standing behind a tree throwing stones and letting someone else take the fall for it. Had I known you felt that way, I definitely would have treated you differently.”