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Three Backup Centers The Cavs Should Target

The injury to Jarrett Allen has revealed a glaring hole on Cleveland's bench.
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The injury to Jarrett Allen has revealed a big need for the Cavs. which is the need for a reliable backup center. Robin Lopez is a fine veteran to have around and to play 10 to 12 minutes a night, but they're going to need someone else who can come in and provide some scoring and rim protection too. 

These are some candidates who could fill that void:

Dewayne Dedmon

The Cavs need someone who can come off the bench, grab boards, and shoot efficiently from the field. This role is perfect for Dewayne Dedmon. He's having a solid season with the Heat where he is averaging 3.4 rebounds a game and 7.4 points while shooting .580 from the field.

A quarter way through the season and Miami is a little bit in no man's land. They're tenth in the east and have been underperforming since the beginning of the year. It wouldn't be shocking if they decided to move on from one of their vets like Dedmon. 

Moses Brown

The Cavs were in a similar situation last year that they find themselves in now. Cleveland was thin in the frontcourt so they brought in Moses Brown to come off the bench and start on a few occasions. In the 14 games he played as a Cavalier, Brown averaged 6.4 PPG, 5.3 REB, and shot 64 percent from the field.

These are solid numbers, especially for a backup center. This primarily has to do with how well Brown fits in with the team. Being seven foot two, he's a rim protector and a lob threat. He would fit in well with this Cavs team too.

Brown is on a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Clippers so if Cleveland did want to trade for him probably wouldn't cost them too much.

Hassan Whiteside

If the Cavs didn't want to trade for a center they could always turn to the free-agent market for help. There are still a few solid veterans on the market, one being Hassan Whiteside.

Whiteside last played for the Utah Jazz last season where he posted 8.2 PPG, 7.6 REB, and 1.6 blocks a game.

He's been criticized throughout his career for various reasons including lack of effort. This may worry some Cavs fans and the coaching staff who've built a culture around hustle, but it may be worth the risk in a reserve role.


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