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Who Is The Cavs Starting Small Forward When The Team Is Fully Healthy?

Caris LeVert, Dean Wade, and Lamar Stevens are all options that Cleveland could start at small forward when the team is fully healthy.
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The Cavs still have one question that needs to be answered and that is who will be the team's starting small forward when they're at full strength.

J.B. Bickerstaff has had to play around with some different lineups over the last week due to the injury to Caris LeVert and then Lamar Stevens getting sick. But even before that, LeVert was moved to the bench in favor of Stevens. However, now Dean Wade is back and could be put into the mix too. 

These are the options that the Cavs have for that starting three. 

Caris LeVert

Coming out of training camp it was LeVert who got the nod and was given the starting role. He started off the season hot and even had a 41-point explosion against the Celtics. But when Darius Garland came back from injury, LeVert grew a little more inconsistent with the ball being in his hands less.

LeVert's numbers as a starter are actually pretty good. When he's in the first five he's averaging 12.9 points, shooting 38 percent from the field, and has a .505 TS%. 

But the reality is LeVert needs to have the ball in his hands to make an impact and when DG and Donovan Mitchell are already starting, his services could be a massive boost off the bench. There's nothing wrong with this either. LeVert coming off the bench only makes this team deeper.

Dean Wade

On paper, Wade is the best option to get the job as the starting small forward. He gives Cleveland size at the position and can also be a fantastic three-point option as well. He can play off the ball on offense and is able to guard some of the bigger forwards the Cavs will see during the season.

The organization must see this potential too or they wouldn't have given him a contract extension before the season started.

Wade has only started a handful of games this year due to a knee injury, but it wouldn't be surprising if we see him suit up in this position on more occasions this season.

Lamar Stevens

This is my choice to get the starting three job when the team has everyone available. Lamar Stevens may not be the biggest name or the biggest man on the floor, but he certainly plays and acts as he belongs and it's providing the Cavs with a boost that they've missed when he's not on the floor. 

The numbers back it up too!

When Stevens is in the starting lineup he averages almost 10 points and four rebounds a game in 28.5 minutes of play. He's doing it with solid efficiency too. He has a .488 FG% and a .608 TS%. Stevens has been criticized for his three-point shooting in the past, but he's actually knocking down 45 percent of the threes he takes when starting. 

LeVert, Wade, and Stevens are all solid options to have as your starting three. At the end of the day, it's going to come down to which player fits best with the rest of the starting four. 


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