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Donovan Mitchell On Getting MVP Chants From The Cleveland Crowd

Donovan Mitchell received M-V-P chants from the Cleveland crowd as the Cavs secured their fourth straight win.
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As Cleveland was on the verge of grabbing their fourth straight victory with a win over the Portland Trailblazers on Wednesday night, a loud chant reigned down as Donovan Mitchell was at the free throw line.

"M-V-P! M-V-P!" 

Mitchell ended the game with 34 points, one assist, and two rebounds. He was also extremely efficient as he finished shooting 11/18 from the field. It truly was an MVP performance.

After the game, Mitchell joked about it at first but then got into what it means to receive MVP chants from the Cleveland crowd:

"They messed me up, man! ... For the first time I really just like listened to it and you know tried to fight a little smirk because at the end of the day like you said, I'm blessed to be able to play this game, I'm blessed to be able to be here ... I was a fan of the Cavs, I've seen this on TV as a kid, I've watched it and to be able to be apart of it, to be able to hear that it's a blessing.

Watch the rest of the press conference here:

The thing is, Mitchell as the NBA's MVP isn't too far-fetched as the Cavs have played about 25 percent of the season. His 30.1 points per game are ranked sixth in the league and he's leading the NBA with 37.8 minutes per game. Most importantly, his team is ranked third in the Eastern Conference and has proven they can be a real threat in the playoffs. 

There's still a long way to go and a lot of work has to be done. However, don't discount Donovan Mitchell as he is putting together quite an MVP resume. 


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