Exclusive: LA Clippers Reveal Specially Curated Food for Intuit Dome Arena

The Clippers are making Intuit Dome top quality from all standpoints.
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From day one, the LA Clippers promised that they were going to make their new Intuit Dome arena the best sports building in the world. Now that the arena is just months away from being unveiled, the Clippers are showing how they're going to make that claim a reality.

Their promise doesn't get fulfilled with just an on-court entertainment experience, but with food.

The LA Clippers have partnered with Levy to create 310 Provisions to create a very unique food and beverage experience at the Intuit Dome. The entire Intuit Dome menu will be made in-house by 310 Provisions' hospitality team and a very large-scale culinary operation. Both the Clippers and 310 Provisions traveled around the world to curate the menu

“We believe the food and beverage experience that 310 Provisions will deliver at Intuit Dome will set a new standard,” said Gillian Zucker, CEO of Halo Sports and Entertainment. “The combination of high-quality food that fans crave, priced fairly, and available within a short distance of every seat, is unmatched amongst venues. We are eager for fans to experience it when the doors open on August 15.”

The organization gave AllClippers an exclusive first taste test of the food in the venue. Some of the items available were a four-edge pan pizza, LA street dog, churros, double-cheeseburger, buffalo cauliflower wrap, Intuit dog, soft pretzels, the sushi dog, fried chicken, and waffle fries. The sushi dogs were based on research in London arenas, the Churros were from La Princessa, and even the sauce that 310 Provisions created for the fried chicken and waffle fries was homemade.

Senior executive chef Adam Brown, previously from The Walt Disney Company, was available on hand to describe every dish. There's a certain level of pride that 310 Provisions was taking in their menu that's just hard to find in any other arena in the world. There aren't any chain restaurants involved in this menu, only in-house passion.

Perhaps one of the most eye-popping statements throughout the day was the fact that the Intuit Dog was only $5 for any fans that are Chuckmark Certified. They're hot dogs made with Niman Ranch all-beef.

Dining at Intuit Dome arena will feel like fans are eating some of the best food they can get inside of a sports arena. With the combination of pride, quality, and research, it's going to be an experience that Clippers fans have never had before.

"Everything about dining at Intuit Dome is extraordinarily unique." - CEO of Levy, Andy Lansing.

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