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In an unsurprising move, LA Clippers forward Nicolas Batum has declined his $3.3M player option. The move paves the way for Batum to re-sign a deal with the Clippers for a larger annual value, which is what the veteran forward is largely expected to do.

When asked about his future earlier this offseason, Batum said, "Ty Lue saved my life, so I'll stay with T-Lue unless they kick me out. He saved my career." Batum played in a game last season just hours after the birth of his daughter, and said, "[The Clippers] gave me another chance in this league to compete and be a basketball player, so I think that's kind of my way to say thank you. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to win games and do something special. Even on the best day of my life."

All signs point towards a mutual interest between the Clippers and Batum to get an extension done, with the terms of such a deal being the only question mark. Since coming to the Clippers, Batum has shot 40.2% from deep, while thriving as a versatile defender and savvy playmaker. His style of play has perfectly complimented a Clippers team that is built around wing depth, which makes a contract extension an easy decision for both sides.

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With the Clippers reportedly prioritizing the retention of their own free agents over the pursuit of trades this summer, it feels as if it's only a matter of time until Batum has a new deal in LA.

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