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Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are OUT for Clippers vs Blazers

The Clippers will remain without their stars.

If Clipper fans were looking for good news regarding their two superstars, they're unfortunately not going to get it. Both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will remain out against the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday.

Kawhi Leonard will miss his fourth straight game with a right ankle sprain. Paul George will miss his fifth straight game with a hamstring tendon strain. In addition, both Luke Kennard (calf strain) and John Wall (injury management on a back-to-back) will miss the game as well. The LA Clippers will only have nine active players against the Portland Trail Blazers, so it may be a long night for some players.

The Clippers have a bit of a rough back-to-back coming up, with the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday and the Utah Jazz on Wednesday. LA is coming off of a fantastic win against the Indiana Pacers, where Ivica Zubac put up an astounding 31 points and 29 rebounds. 

The Portland Trail Blazers have actually lost five out of the last six games, and the Utah Jazz have lost the last five games straight. There's a chance the LA Clippers can come out of this quick road trip with two wins, but they're also incredibly shorthanded themselves.

If the Clippers can come out with two extra wins despite being shorthanded, it'll do wonders for not only the team's record but player morale without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

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