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Kawhi Leonard hasn't completely confirmed whether he'll be playing in the preseason and regular season, but he gave the most optimistic answer possible - he's feeling stronger.

"I feel stronger, yeah," Leonard said. "I feel stronger for sure. It's been, what, 14, 15 months of no basketball -- well, playing in an NBA season for me, no basketball. That whole 13, 14-month process is just lifting, lifting weights and getting stronger. I definitely got a lot stronger."

Kawhi is currently participating in the Clippers training camp. He was seen today shooting at practice, looking as smooth as usual. Kawhi looks good, and he feels good.

"Right now I feel good in my workouts, weightlifting," Leonard said. "I don't feel like -- I would say I have a subconscious mind of not jumping off my leg per se. I feel good. We'll just see how the season goes."

It's all but becoming a foregone conclusion that Kawhi Leonard will be playing in the preseason and regular season games for the LA Clippers. No one is outright stating that it's going to happen, but it seems very clear that he and his teammates are all hinting it. The NBA world will hopefully be about one week away from seeing Kawhi Leonard go on an NBA court for the first time since June 14, 2021.

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