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There aren't many updates about Kawhi Leonard during the off-season, but it looks like he's positively progressing towards a return this season - with no definitive timeline.

According to a report from Law Murray, Kawhi Leonard is no longer restricted in ACL rehab activities.

"The primary item to watch this offseason is Leonard's recovery from surgery to repair the ACL in his right knee, which took place last July," Murray said. "I am told Leonard has not been restricted at all this month as he continues what has been to this point a successful rehabilitation process. Leonard has also been locked in mentally, as multiple sources suggest the mental hurdles that usually come with an ACL injury and long-term rehab have not deterred him. Though Leonard appears to be bigger, he has actually slimmed down at this point in his recovery and is continuing to take care of his body."

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There's no timetable for a Kawhi Leonard return because the Clippers don't want to rush him at any point during his rehabilitation process. Last season, there were murmurs from his teammates about a potential March return, but when the Clippers lost Paul George, those murmurs disappeared. The biggest thing for an ACL injury is making sure a player feels comfortable in returning so that they can return to the player they once were - the Clippers know this.

Hopefully, there will be another update before the season starts in October, and fans can finally see Kawhi Leonard play in an NBA game again soon.

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