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Trade rumors surrounding Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards have circulated for several seasons now, despite Beal's repeated declaration that he would like to stay in Washington. While the 3x All-Star has an expressed desire to stay put, the team may be forced to explore other avenues while they continue to tread the waters of mediocrity.

Recent betting odds have the LA Clippers ranked 12th on a list of favorites to land Beal if he were to leave the Washington Wizards, trailing teams like the Celtics, Lakers, and Nets. The Clippers being ranked this low is somewhat surprising, considering they have both the assets and the "win-now" mentality needed to deal for a player like Bradley Beal, but perhaps oddsmakers predict the team will look other directions if they do indeed seek out a third star.

After consecutive seasons averaging over 30 PPG, Beal averaged just 23.2 PPG last season, on 45% from the field and 30% from deep. His scoring and efficiency were down across the board, and he also dealt with injuries, playing in just 40 games. While he very well may return to form, the Clippers would likely prefer to maintain their current roster over compromising depth to bring in Beal.

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This logic suggests that the Clippers would choose to go other directions before trading for Bradley Beal, and it seems as if oddsmakers are following that same line of thinking.

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