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The NBA's 2022 6th Man of the Year Tyler Herro paid tribute to former Clippers Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford upon being presented with the award. "You gotta salute Lou Will. For me growing up, watching Lou being 6th man, I feel like when I think of the 6th man award it's Lou Will and Jamal Crawford. So growing up, those were the two guys I grew up watching as the 6th man, so they paved the way for all of us," Herro said.

Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford are the only players in NBA history with three 6th Man of the Year awards, with each player winning two of those three with the LA Clippers. After seeing Herro's message, Lou Williams shared a post on Instagram thanking the Miami Heat guard for his kind words:

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While Lou Williams has yet to make an official announcement on his future, there is reason to believe he may call it a career. The veteran guard has hinted at this being his last season, and if that indeed ends up being the case, it is a borderline hall-of-fame career for the most prolific 6th Man in NBA history. While arguments for Jamal Crawford and Manu Ginobli are hard to refute, Lou's longevity and individual peak as a 6th Man truly separates himself from anyone else who took on that role. As Tyler Herro mentioned, he helped pave the way for the next generation.

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